Best Startups In India In 2019, Successful Startups in India in 2019

Successful Startups in India in 2019

India is one of the best country in the world which is renowned for it’s bustling startups. we have curated the list of best startups in India in all sector, these successful ventures will definitely motivate you if you are planning to start your own startup in india.

In this competitive startup world we have seen several companies that are growing too fast and a lot of research has been done for the survival of these startups.

Lets jump in to the list of successful startups in India that are listed below.

10 Successful startups in Health Tech Industry

With these growing health tech startups, larger trends come up with pathology, preventive healthcare, analytics, and emergency services among other things.

Over the past years, the healthcare startups were associated with medicine delivery solutions, providing diagnostic, enterprise, etc. But now, a new way of startups has emerged trying to solve the issues related to mental stress, reducing the painful processes such as chemotherapy in today’s time.

These startups are not only filling the gap between the traditional and digital healthcare services and between the doctors and patients but are also creating an atmosphere to facilitate the best and faster healthcare services.

Best Startups In India In 2019, Successful Startups in India in 2019


Various Booming Health Care Startups

Doc Talk

The aim of this startup is to work on-demand virtual assistant application and on an Al-based application to simplify the ecosystem of Indian healthcare. Doc Talk is a mobile application designed for the users in which users can save their medical history and reports so that the users never have to carry medical files again and again.

By using this app, patients can also consult doctors online and get prescriptions at the same time. This application also provides services to the doctors by preventing revenue leakage and helps to maintain the relationship between patients and doctors.

With the time, the startup is extended its presence in many states like Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The messaging platform of Doc Talk’s application availed by more than 500 doctors and more than 30,000 patients.


This is a startup launched by the trio from Actis PE, having an experience of many years in strategy and marketing areas and in the investment of healthcare systems.

The startup is working for the future medical community to provide the better tools and healthcare services. The startup offers the diagnosis panels to a highly accurate range of laboratory tests especially in the areas of Gynaecology, Critical Care, and Infertility.

The startup offers 1.400 test including infertility, advanced tests of cancer, and infectious diseases as well as routine tests.

New generation and future coming generation is looking for the best solutions to cure the genetic diseases. It will be good to watch the innovations of this startup in the coming years.

Consure Medical

The consure Medical startup is founded in 2012 and is a medical device company which is totally focusing and working on developing medical devices for patients and for the department of critical care.

The aim of this booming startup is to innovate and create a new technology platform that would help to control the infection in homes and hospitals.

It is true that in the previous time many hospitals lose millions of dollars in poor clinical results, management of the healthcare due to fecal contamination. Now, the startup is working more on this and plans to enhance care in step-down units, home patients, and in nursing homes.

Consure Medical is one of the leading sectors in health tech industry and working on filling a much-needed gap.

Grow Fit

According to the study, every year over 6 Mn lives is lost due to lifestyle diseases. The estimation of the economic burden of lifestyle diseases is $4.58 Tn by 2030.

The Grow-fit startup is trying to fill the gap and doing work to overcome the lifestyle diseases with its health-tech platform. The aim of this booming startup is to help over 300 Mn Indians who are suffering from lifestyle diseases and at the risk of its health foods, expert coaching, and behavioral insights.

The startup consists of various groups of technologists, counselors, nutritionists, food technologists, and product people who are ready to use the power of the mobile to make a daily healthy habit. The platform offers the solutions on the basis of these factors- a range of packaged food, the diet chart, and a central kitchen that makes and delivers food in the city.

This startup has the ability to address both international and national markets.


The aim of the startup is to enable access to health care in rural and urban areas by using its cloud-based telemedicine platform which is called ReMedies (Remote Medical Diagnostics).

The startup offers two technology solutions ehealth and mhealth that bring together partners, products, and the processes in the healthcare delivery ecosystem. It is working on diagnostic devices that perform chemistry tests including HBA 1c, Electrolyte tests, and biochemistry tests, etc.

In 2015, according to the World Bank report, only 2% of doctors are available and 67.25% of Indian population still resides in rural areas. So, to improve this scale ReMeDi digital health solutions are working.


The aim of this startup is to provide free sample collection service for diagnostic tests for all patients and caretakers. PharmEasy stands for Pharmacy made easy. The startup ensures that the medicines should be delivered within the six hours of prescription and the medicines are validates by a licensed pharmacist.

The online application has a dosage reminder for patients. And if any patient does not have a prescription after the consultation then PharEasy team connects with the patient and provides a valid prescription. The startup has tied up with 700 doctors in India and also tied up with various diagnostic centers across many cities like in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi to provide diagnostic services. This health tech startup works on a commission-based model.


Launched in 2015, the aim of the startup is to create a cloud-based, machine-learned solution for the detection of abnormalities. The startup has developed the platform by AI for healthcare that allows the medical data to ingest and to train, execute various models to classify the diseases, detect diseases and compute the metrics for reporting.

They provide effective solutions for analysis of urine sample, retinal scans, blood smear, and chest x-rays.

The initial focus of the startup is on the effective solutions for the screening tests so that they can impact positively across the world.

They use the latest technologies so that they can work excellent on a large scale.


It is true that the rate of heart attacks increase day by day and 5Mn people suffer from a heart attack every year. Forget about the areas, the average time to diagnose the heart attack is 360 minutes. The chance of living is 20% in this case. The aim of this startup is to reduce the risk of heart attack.

The team of Tricog built a cloud-based ECG machine and appointed a team of experienced and well-qualified doctors so that they can trace the ECG data of any patient by using the machine.

The team of Tricog began with Karnataka and expanding to other states Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Delhi, and Maharashtra. One great achievement for this startup is that it became the first started and selected by GE Healthcare’s accelerator.

The entire team is working on issues and able to provide the most-effective solutions of the issues.


SastaSundar is a digital network for managing many segments like pharma, wellness products supply chains, and healthcare. This is the platform for connecting doctors, health care clinics, diagnostic services, and health information services.

The aim of this channel is to reduce the cost of high-quality medicines by using digital connectivity, the latest technologies, and deep knowledge. The startup raised $5Mn in funding from Japanese Pharma’s company Rohto which motivated the startup to work on more operations across pan-India. The company has 440k registered customers and 178 Health buddy stores.

OncoStem Diagnostics

It is true that most of the cancer patients found in India and the cancer-related cases increase day by day. According to the reports, 70% of the cancer patients aware at the last stage and take consultation at the terminal stage, only 30% are curable, and few percents of cases remain the chances of relapse.

Oncostem diagnostics provides personalized treatment of cancer using the developed techniques of tests that predict the chances of recurrence in patients and try to fill the gap.

And one more aim of this channel is to help the patients to stay away from the expensive medicines and painful treatment of chemotherapy and its toxic effects.

Also, the startup has received financial thrust from investors such as Artiman Ventures and Sequoia India. The analysis of cancer recurrence will help the companies of pharma in developing new targeted medicines. This startup is one of the leading startups that develop innovative tests to predict the risk of cancer reoccurrence.

These were the top booming health tech startups, they put so many efforts to become successful and to achieve their goals and now they are at the top in their industry.

Must check out the health tech startup challenges that they have faced during their initial stages.

Ecommerce Startups In India

India is a country which full of opportunities and making better use of them needs a thorough study of the market industry where one wants to enter, settle and succeed and sustain. Evolvers is a platform for all those innovative thinkers and budding entrepreneurs who just need a break somewhere, where he can kick-start his business. At Evolvers, such highly interested and determined business starters get in touch with the investors and mentors for their startups. It is one of the most amazing platforms for all the blooming entrepreneurs to polish and flourish their business.

Current scenario of the market states that it’s the e-commerce industry which is rapidly growing. It is also predicted that this will continue and accelerate even more in the coming days. Here in this article, I have brought to you some highly popular and successful business startups. You can take ideas from them for your own e-commerce startup and make it a big hit.

 Popular Business Startups In India for 2019:

1. BigBasket:

Best Startups In India In 2019, Successful Startups in India in 2019

These days, there is one online grocery and food store which is high on demand and it is no9ne other than BigBasket. It has made its identity as India’s largest online grocery market and it catalogs more than 18,000 products that widely range from numerous varieties of food items and personal care products and many more. It has already spread its wings across all major cities in the nation and is still flourishing its scale of operations at a faster pace. The best quality of BigBasket is that it owes a customer-friendly service. It was founded in 2011 and has served more than 10 million customers.

2. Nykka:

Best Startups In India In 2019, Successful Startups in India in 2019

Founded in 2012 by Falguni Nayar’s Nykaa completely possesses an inspirational story behind its success. It is a multi-brand retail online store where one can get branded beauty and personal care products in India by cataloging international brands. It has proved itself to be the best online store in terms of an online store for all the beauty-addicts.

3. Netmeds:

Best Startups In India In 2019, Successful Startups in India in 2019


Netmeds has made its name in the e-commerce industry in India as one of the most trusted online pharmacies. Netmeds is a single solution for all kinds of healthcare products and prescription medicines along with assured as well as comfortable delivery on time. Netmeds was found in 2016 by Pradeep Dhadha and is considered to be as the most promising startup of the nation.

4. Mr. Button:

Best Startups In India In 2019, Successful Startups in India in 2019

Based in Bangalore and collaboratively founded by Deepak Khetan and Sonam Chauhan, Mr. Button has grabbed the nerves of online men’s fashion industry on the storm. Mr. Button has become one of the most trusted e-commerce companies for making a fashion statement for men all around. Men’s fashion wear at Mr. Button has made its way in such a manner that fits best in their aesthetics and satisfies all the needs of fashion men.

5. WOTU:

Best Startups In India In 2019, Successful Startups in India in 2019

Generally, food products are available at groceries and departmental stores. However, making things more transparent and clear these are now available at e-commerce websites too. One such successful e-mandi for all kinds of food products is WOTU (We Organise The Unorganised). Here, you will get a chance to skip multi-sellers and re-sellers for getting your favorite food products. Apart from this, it also aims at skipping all the geographical boundaries by bringing them even more near all across the country.

I hope you have got some crazy, funky and innovative ideas for your startup. Now according to my suggestion, you must get in touch with Evolvers where you can meet investors, mentors, small-medium-large business tycoons, etc. They can help you reach your goal and make it a hit in a short span of time.

Sports Tech Startups In India

It is a fact that Indians are the desperate cricket lovers and it is beyond of all limits. Also, you can say that cricket is such a sport that dominates over the whole of the sports industry. However, highly inspired and self-motivated sports persons have given some space to other games too in India with their medal-winning performances. And after so many years, it seems like other games like, badminton, tennis, archery, weightlifting, boxing, etc. are also making their spaces in India.

The modifying phase of the sports has created a fertile ground for the sports tech startups in India. As a matter of fact, there is a gradual increment in the number of innovative ideas in the sports tech startups in India.

However, in case, if you are also filled up with some amazing and innovative ideas that relate to sports and are looking for someone who can help you, then the platform of Evolvers is actually waiting for highly fascinated people like you. At Evolvers, you can get in touch with all the relevant people who can help you out in your business, then whether the person is a mentor, investor, small business starter or any other big business tycoon of the market industry. You can meet up everyone over there and take a helping hand from them.

By the way, in this article, I’m about to share some of the top class sports tech startups in India and how they have helped in the changing scenario of sports in India.

Top class sports tech startups in India:

1. Sports 365
Founded In: 2011
Founders: Chandra Sekhar Reddy and Aashutosh Chaudhari

Best Startups In India In 2019, Successful Startups in India in 2019

Sports 365, is a Bangalore based sports startup and it has established itself as a first professional and a one-stop solution for all sports equipments for both individuals and institutions. Apart from this, they also offer a wide range of fitness accessories of leading national and international sports brands. Adding more to this, they also provide services for events, infrastructure development, and consulting and merchandising services to schools & colleges, corporate, clubs, and real estates.

2. Protégé Sports
Founded In: 2014
Founders: Pranesh Krishnamurthy, Rohit Narayan, Rahul Rane

Best Startups In India In 2019, Successful Startups in India in 2019

An amazing travel startup that was being founded with a vision of offering sports technology to one and all, Protégé Sports provides wearable technologies for team sports like, football, hockey that helps in enhancing the performances of the players on the field. This further assists in setting up a benchmark for the players and manage training and trial sessions.

Adding more to this, Protégé Sports also provides SAAS (software as a service) tools. For instance, software licenses to use its academy or club management tools, training modules, and communication modules. It is just the way as Evolvers helps in networking along with entrepreneurs.

3. BookMySports
Founded In: 2012
Founders: Akanksha Saxena

Best Startups In India In 2019, Successful Startups in India in 2019

BookMySports is one of the most amazing sports tech startups. It helps in learning a new game, find a sports venue or coach or in order to organize a tournament. In other words, it is a one-stop solution with its wide range of sports services.

BookMySports offers services to schools, colleges and universities, tournament organizers and also to its corporate clients. The basic motto of this company is to keep the health and sports should be balanced equally. Henceforth, it offers an entire process of playing sports and making it simple and hassle-free.  In all, BookMySports assists an individual or an institution; the way advisors at Evolvers do help to the budding entrepreneurs.

There are many more sports tech startups that can help you with some more innovative ideas for your business startup in the sports sector. However, in case if you wish to connect with the investors, mentors, small business starters and biggest business tycoons. You can take help and learn a lot from the team at Evolvers.

Travel Startups In India

Along with the changing era of this generation, the travel industry has viewed enormous growth as a startup idea. And once considered and researched deeply, it forms a clear picture about the values and the way it has transformed itself as an ideal idea for the startups. According to the governmental statistics of 2017, the annual growth in the domestic travelers in India also grew up and became 17.2% and the numeric value of these people came up to more than 4.8 million. According to the sources, there is a huge market in the travel startups; as real about two-thirds of travelers do trust on the digital platforms for planning their holidays. Adding more benefits to this startup, it is also a fact that people do spend about $500 billion on an annual basis.

As there are numerous benefits of startups in the travel sector and you are looking forward to an expert’s advice or you wish to get in touch with the mentors, investors or the business entrepreneurs, then you can undoubtedly reach out to the team of Evolvers. However, in this article, I’m going to tell you about various travel companies in India that can assist you with some amazing travel startups as well as travel tech startup ideas for your business.

The following are some of travel startup companies:

1. Tripoto

Tripoto proves out to be a life-saver Delhi-based travel startup that allows people to create their plans for their upcoming trips which they can share along with other travelers too. The basic motto of this travel startup is to help people plan their trips efficiently via inspirations and advice. You can also take up this idea for your travel startup with the help of Evolvers.

2. SeekSherpa:

Seeksherpa can be considered as one of the most innovative travel startups as they help you connect with some of the local people who are happy to help you while showing you the places around. These ‘sherpas’ are trained enough who can make you enjoy each and every moment along with the sightseeing, photography and food and many more. Apart from this, you can also get an opportunity to see the place from the eyes of the locals of the area.

3. Oyo Rooms:

This Indian travel startup has become so popular that it has become like a second home for every trip planner. Oyo rooms works in collaboration with the existing hotels and offers on the vacant rooms at the cheaper rates and offer them to the customers. Apart from this, Oyo Rooms offer a specific segment which is also known as Oyo Premium and it is for all those who desire to enjoy an experience which is more than basic. Plus one of the best thing about a travel startup like Oyo Rooms is that it is located in every prime city of India.

4. Nearify:

Nearify app is another one of the most amazing travel startups that allow users to grab all the relevant information about the events that are happening around them. A person can easily discover the meet-ups, workshops, music concerts and many more events that are about to take place; just by entering the name of the city. Henceforth, it becomes even easier for a person to connect with the people around or enjoy everything without a single miss.

I hope that you might have got some impeccable travel startups business ideas for your own venture. However, you might be in need of some investors, mentors or the one who can guide you better, or someone who has already walked that road, where you want to step, then, there is one such platform, where you can get all such enthusiastic people it this platform is none other than, Evolvers. I’m damn sure that you will be able to know things in a much better way.


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