Find the Right Partner

It is very critical to have like-minded person as partner who share the common vision. This help the entrepreneur to be focused on the business and give extra helping hand in running and spreading the business.

These partners are not required to be Investors only, they may be Technology provider or Business Associates or Partner sharing its experience and investing its time or some other business association to support the venture, for mutual interest.

A key lesson is to look for the three alignments of vision, values and view on life:

  • Everyone who joins should be passionate about the vision of your start-up and be willing to do anything needed to get there, especially when being a cofounder.
  • Their values such as morals and ethics should reflect that they are in it for the long-run.
  • Their view on life which includes priorities, happiness and work ethic will define how well you will be working together through thick and thin.

Bottom line anyone who is interested to participate in venture by taking active role in the venture is equally critical for the business to provide necessary skills to enhance the business. 





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