Network With Entrepreneurs

Evolvers is a fast-growing network. Networking plays important role in every venture. Entrepreneurs know they only got to where they are now because of the people who helped them along the way. A strong professional network can help you achieve things that you’d never accomplish on your own, from solutions to seemingly impossible problems, to word-of-mouth recommendations. This will help Entrepreneur to broaden his vision.

For the entrepreneur starting a business, entrepreneurial networks offer genuine benefits. Foremost among these are opportunities to build relationships. Such relations need not necessarily be with people narrowly linked to business. Any and all relationships help—but those with peers are more valuable. By cultivating membership in a peer network, a new entrepreneur can learn a great deal from others daily facing the same problems. Networking of this sort can also provide a new business owner with the chance to get a first hand look at potential service providers and/or help to combat the sense of isolation that often comes with starting a company.

Network, Network With Entrepreneurs
Network, Network With Entrepreneurs

Find the Right Partner

It is very critical to have like-minded person as partner who share the common vision. This help the entrepreneur to be focused on the business and give extra helping hand in running and spreading the business.

These partners are not required to be Investors only, they may be Technology provider or Business Associates or Partner sharing its experience and investing its time or some other business association to support the venture, for mutual interest.

A key lesson is to look for the three alignments of vision, values and view on life:

  • Everyone who joins should be passionate about the vision of your start-up and be willing to do anything needed to get there, especially when being a cofounder.
  • Their values such as morals and ethics should reflect that they are in it for the long-run.

Find Or Be An Advisor

Start-ups and growth companies need help to find their path forward.  They need subject matter experts to advise them on certain problems faced by them in running their business or even before starting their businesses, like incorporation services, preparing initial business plan etc. As venture grow over the period the Challenger need on every step the help/advice of the Experts so that it can handle the situation in better way. The Partners and Mentors also look for the expert advice before entering into certain venture, they like to have better understanding of the venture.

There are subject matter experts, having good understanding and experience in various aspects of the businesses and they are offering/interested to offer their services

Network, Network With Entrepreneurs
Network, Network With Entrepreneurs

Become Mentor

Mentoring Matters, because it helps people see their blind spots and begin working on them. All the great masters had one thing in common – they had mentors. The reason is simple to grasp, “mentoring is the most efficient and productive form of learning!”. 

The Challengers plays various roles and take various decisions which can be defined as never before. There is no pre-defined area of operation for him and there is no pre-defined qualification for him and there are no criteria to define characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur’s journey has its unique challenges and rewards, difficulties and opportunities, ways and means, ups and downs & losses and gains.  


Impart Knowledge

Individuals constantly need to be learning and growing. A regular interaction provides a lot of value to their businesses. They need to have fair understanding of the environment in which they are operating, this may be legal frame work, business environment, social structure, matter relating to people management, technological development etc. It is imperative for all the individuals to have better understanding of all these aspects, which are having implication to the ventures to which they are associated with. The best way to update yourself with the new knowledge is to share your views and experiences with the right group of people.  

An added bonus is meeting other like-minded entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, strategies, and even start partnerships. It’s a great way to grow! 

Network, Network With Entrepreneurs

Network, Network With Entrepreneurs

Fund Raising

There is nothing more stressful than trying launch or run an undercapitalized business. We know! Raising funds can be stressful but it does not have to be.

With the help of experienced members, Evolvers can prepare you for the pitch deck and help you accelerate the process.

Having an information memorandum does not guarantee that you will get funded. But it’s more or less guaranteed that you will not get funded if you don’t have anything to show to your investor. 

Screened Ventures

The goal of the screening process is to narrow down the ideas in such a way that the time and effort of the planning and financing process is directed towards the more viable ventures.

All the ventures accepted by Evolvers has to go through the screening process, under which these projects ae evaluated on various parameters and they are guided on various aspects of their business by the experts.

Network, Network With Entrepreneurs
Network, Network With Entrepreneurs

Global Reach

The dream of every entrepreneur is to establish their business and gain a global footprint, but this comes short of reality for many business owners.





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