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Mentoring Matters, because it helps people see their blind spots and begin working on them. All the great masters had one thing in common – they had mentors. The reason is simple to grasp, “mentoring is the most efficient and productive form of learning!”.

The Challengers plays various roles and take various decisions which can be defined as never before. There is no pre-defined area of operation for him and there is no pre-defined qualification for him and there are no criteria to define characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur’s journey has its unique challenges and rewards, difficulties and opportunities, ways and means, ups and downs & losses and gains.

Entrepreneur prepares its long-term and short-term strategies to counter the challenges on day to day, he needs to visualize the future of venture and envisage the difficulties before and top of it be ready to face the unknown. He is lone warrior and fighting his battle with team, selected by him and most of them are doers not thinkers and hesitant to speak about negative of the project.

In such situation, entrepreneur need someone where he can discuss his vision, challenges, future strategies, short-term and long-term mile stones etc. He need the advices around all the factors which may include business expansion, resource mobilization, hiring & retention of manpower, evaluating available options, valuation of venture etc.  Most of these decisions are subjective and needs to have clear understanding of various dimensions of complex area of operations. In such situations and to  stick on decided path there need a person who can guide the entrepreneur.

Mentors are industry veterans, having knowledge and part of the journey of any venture or senior executives of big corporate etc., these individuals have rich experience and handled many challenges during their journey. They can guide the Challenger with their experiences.

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