Challenger is the one who accept the challenge to solve the existing problems faced by the society. They may be called as the Founder, Promoter, Entrepreneur etc. They begin their journey with existing knowledge and available resources. This journey takes them through various low and high points. During this journey, they create their own team and develop various tools and techniques to solve the problems. They may succeed or face the failure, but one thing which is certain is that they gain knowledge.


The promoters/Founders are available in every enterprise, whether it is Start-up or MSME or Large-scale undertakings. Each of the class of Entrepreneur has its own eco-system and Large-scale undertaking has excess to all resources they need in their journey. However, major challenge is faced by 1st generation entrepreneur or founders of Start-ups and MSME enterprises. They are the one who start their journey with limited resources available or accessible to them. In their quest, they need various types of support and guidance so that they can achieve their goals.

We have divided the enterprises to be addressed by EVOLVERS in two broad categories: –

Start-ups –

  • Young generation of entrepreneurs are coming out with new ways and means to do the business.
  • Building a startup is a long-term affair and with thousands of startups taking off each year, it is essential to adopt the right tools to stay in the right direction.
  • To kick start a small business, one would need access to the ideal set of tools tailored just to suit their needs.
  • It isn’t feasible for the startups to invest a fortune in the labor pool or on the technology or marketing front.


MSMEs – This sector has lots of potential and dominated by the manufacturing industry;

  • This sector also come out with new ideas and new products, which is developed by persons from the Technology or Sales;
  • Most of the time Capacity building is a major challenge to them;
  • They face problems in expanding their operations and reaching out new markets;
  • They don’t how to communicate with the bankers, potential investors, compliance were limited to the extent of Statute only;
  • Due to this even after having all the ingredient to grow, most of the time, they are not able to scale up their activity.





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