Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India, List of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

List of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

Women are entering in each and every field starting from e-commerce to writing blogs and making a trademark in entrepreneurship.

Many women entrepreneurs in India have proved that they are not any less than Men and can perform any task with equal strength.

According to the latest reports, India’s Economic development depends on more than 60% of women active participation in entrepreneurship programs. India is encouraging young women entrepreneurs to invest and begin their startup by introducing new schemes for women welfare. India’s stunning development in digitalization has provided a wide range of platform for new entrepreneurs. Here we provide you the list of successful women entrepreneurs in India, who can inspire you to begin with your own startups.

List of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India


Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India, List of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

We all have come across the app called Mobikwik which was founded by UpasanaTaku and Bipin Preet Singh. It is an online money transaction app, gaining immense popularity day by day.

Upasana was fed up with her corporate work environment, and decided to leave it to plan her own entrepreneurship program which ended with an online recharge app “Mobikwik.”

Later on, it became the online money wallet for millions of Indians for their transactions. Tenacity is the key to success according to Upasana. When you come up with new ideas and plans, our society is made up in such a way that it won’t accept it easily. Hence, one must be firm and determined. This nature of her led Mobikwik to more than 2 million active merchants and 1-15 million transactions per day. Now, that is what we call as a success.

Anisha Singh

Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India, List of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

Anisha Singh started her career in Clinton administration on Capitol Hill, helping women entrepreneurs raise funding. Later in 2009, she launched Mydala in Delhi which is now operating in 209 cities across India. Mydala is her second startup but the first one in India. She knows very well that establishing a startup won’t be a cake walk and convincing people for new service would be even more difficult.

She is one of those famous women who believe that being a women entrepreneur in India doesn’t matter but, what really matters is talking sense. She also believes that the major reason for drawback with women is that they themselves hold them back. She encourages women to think in a vibrant way to channel their ideas and execute it.

Sairee Chahal

Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India, List of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

In the view of solving a great gender disparity in India, she came up with the idea of “Sheroes.” It was launched in 2013.

SHEROES is the largest women’s community online and plays a big role for women in India. It is all in one website for women with a wide range of community. It helps and supports women in various fields. With her small step stone towards this idea, Sheroes has more than 7000 companies in hands which are ready to provide career support to women. She is considered the most powerful woman in the Indian business. She was also ranked 53 on Onalytica’s “Future of Work Top 100 Influencers” list. Her revolutionary idea had a great deal in Indian business and provided hope for many women. Her overall journey is no less than a top successful businesswoman story.

Suchi Mukherjee

Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India, List of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

She has been specialized in Economics and Maths from the University of Cambridge, and also holds a Master’s Degree in Finance & Economics from the London School of Economics. Suchi became an inspiration for many young women who wanted to work for their dream instead of money. She has a successful business woman story.

Her ideas of Limeroad stroke her when she was at maternity leave. She found that finding lifestyle product online was much difficult that people stop searching what they like and satisfy themselves with available products. Lime road is a growing online website which focuses on simple yet powerful consumer products, especially for women audience. Suchi accomplished not only her personal life but also her dream with an idea of Limeroad.

Richa Kar

Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India, List of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

Like already known “Entrepreneurship depends on finding a solution for already existing problems or solving problems which will be upcoming in future with advanced thinking.” Richa Kar with her few researchs on Indian market opted for the first option and found out a problem that lingerie is considered as an underserved category in India. Lingerie shopping in India is a tailback for women. This underserved category became her key product for Zivame online retailing. Zivame is now India’s largest lingerie store. Richa came from a conventional background.

After completing her education from the very reputed college, BITS Pilani, she worked for an IT company.  In 2011 she Launched Zivame and marked her place in the list of the most successful female entrepreneurs in India.

Vandana Luthra

Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India, List of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

Founder of VLCC health care in 1989, Vandana Luthra is a person with a dynamic nature and expertise in beauty, fitness, food, nutrition and skin care.  She is one of the most respected women entrepreneurs in India. She is a Padma Shree awardee and has won many other prestigious awards in her lifetime. But nothing happened overnight, she had her own struggles to face. She had to face a lot of criticism in the middle of male-dominated society. But she was determined about her unique ideas and practices and had a clear view of how to manage things between personal and social life.

In India, at that time, beauty fitness program was not in existence. Hence, she thought that it would be the key to her startup. Hence, she came up with an idea of VLCC health care. VLCC healthcare was initially started as slimming services centre in New Delhi. Now, it also provides weight management and beauty programmes. A small startup once started by homemaker ended up as an International industry which has stores in 326 locations and 153 countries. Vandana Luthra became one of the young women entrepreneurs in India and has been an inspiration for many women around the country.

Women form the basic bloodline for the country. Hence upliftment of women becomes an essential part of our economic development. Government is making new strategies so that more women entrepreneurs in India come into the line of entrepreneurship programs.

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