how to become a successful entrepreneur

How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur in 2019

Many of the aspirants tend to become great entrepreneurs, and they read the stories of legends like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and other successful people. But, many of them divert from their ambitions due to some myths regarding entrepreneurship. Most of the youngsters are scared of the myths and compromise with the ambition.

Many great entrepreneurs have their time and tend to provide time for their hobbies to the fullest besides succeeding in their motives. The secrets behind successful entrepreneurs vary from person to person but the motive to achieve something is the thing that keeps the aspirants active and motivated to achieve their goal to succeed as a world-class entrepreneur.

Myths about Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Most of the myths about becoming a successful entrepreneur are that they have to take risks all the time to stay in the competition, strive but fail multiple times to become famous, and rewards are crucial when compared to personal time and hobbies, and so on.

But all these misconceptions should be cleared off at the earliest to become a successful entrepreneur. Most of the aspirants believe that they need to embrace difficulties all the time to return triumphantly in their motive and step a back to make a move and compromise with their careers. Here are some of the myths that are to be ruled out in the path of a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship Cannot Be Taught

Entrepreneurship Cannot Be Taught

Entrepreneurship qualities can be learned from relevant sources and by practice. Merely reading the success stories of entrepreneurs won’t suffice to become a successful entrepreneur.

However, one can take guidance from the successful entrepreneurs and gain motivation but can’t ape their moves because your challenges are different from those of others.

For example, an elephant cannot fly, and a bird cannot swim. In the same manner, your challenges and motivations will be different from those of others. You can gain skills and motivation from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs, but you cannot copy their thoughts and actions all the time.

Nowadays most of the schools and colleges are focusing on teaching the students about the success stories of entrepreneurs besides inculcating the mindset and skill set of entrepreneurs in practical ways. Most of the universities and colleges are encouraging startups and ideas for budding entrepreneurs by conducting a special orientation for students.

They are organizing seminars and live projects for enthusiasts to discover new ideas and sustain as entrepreneurs in the long run. The ambition to become an entrepreneur may be considered as a gift, but with efforts and creative thinking, one can become a successful entrepreneur with proper guidance.

Most of the corporate companies are eager to invest in start-up companies to gain fame and as a part of the corporate social responsibility. The intention of the corporate companies to encourage startup companies is to raise the range of their market, but it works as a training for the budding companies to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Taking Risks Is Mandatory

Taking Risks Is Mandatory

Taking risks is compulsory to succeed, but all the risks might not cruise you towards success. Taking risks is necessary to achieve something, but the achievement you make should be greater than the risks you take.

If you take risks or strive hard for smaller things, you might waste your time, energy, and effort if you fail in certain attempts. Though the experience you might gain will be great, the time and effort you put on some other things greater might be wasted in petty things.

Sometimes playing safe is also a secret for success. Taking unnecessary risks or hasty moves may impact your business in pathetical levels. But the fact is, taking risks is necessary to achieve your goal but taking risky decisions in a hurry may lead to a massive loss.

However, a person might gain experience from flaws, but these cannot be achieved through risky moves all the time. Some organizations like Evolvers, which include entrepreneurs, knowledge experts, and startup companies, exchange knowledge and help to achieve mutual goals and individual goals by mutual coordination.

A person might tend to take risks or forced to take risks. But mutual co-ordination between knowledge experts and entrepreneurs might help you out with risk management skills and how to take risky moves worthy of them.

Innovative moves can come from risky ideas, but all the risky ideas will not lead to innovative ideas or innovative achievements. However, for your success as an entrepreneur, the results you achieve is more important than the risky moves you make.

Work Ethics

Work Ethics

The important myth that pulls back all the aspirants from starting up the business is maintaining proper work-life balance. Many people believe that the persons should work all the day ignoring family and relationships to achieve their goals. But the fact is, working with a sophisticated plan is a good move but ignoring personal life will leave an irreversible effect on your health and family relationships. Working and spending quality time on your work is the good style of work etiquette.

Most of the companies like Amazon and Google provide personal space for the employees to improve productivity. This idea works for budding entrepreneurs in the same manner. You need not work all the day but should work wholeheartedly to achieve your motive in a planned manner and gain fame and wealth besides becoming a successful entrepreneur or businessman.

Remember that you are your asset and you are your best human resource. Overstretching yourself might make you fatigued, and your goals might take the backseat. Hence take care of work, take care of yourself and strive hard to achieve your goal. You must strike off the myth that working like a clock is the only way to achieve success.

Concentrate on balancing work and life and make the most of them both. You might read in the books that most of the great entrepreneurs gained a great position by working restlessly, but the hidden secret behind success is maintaining a proper balance between work and family life.

Failures Are A Must

Failures Are A Must

Failure is a must to achieve success in life. This does not mean that failures are inevitable to gain success in your motive. Networking experts like Evolvers are helpful to avoid defeat and achieve success in your ambition. These are helpful to prevent pathetical results and failures when you make the wrong moves. They provide guidance for the new entrepreneurs to achieve success in all your plans and ambitions to start a new business. These are helpful to rule out the myth that success comes after huge failures.

Nowadays many institutions and guides like Evolvers provide knowledge about preventing silly mistakes and hasty decisions that lead to huge failures. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must overcome the misconceptions that success can be achieved only after bigger failures. Preventing failures by smarter moves and correct guidance are the smarter moves to succeed in your business or startup. Hence, you should get rid of the myth that to achieve success, and you should fail multiple times.

Mistakes are different from failures. Errors are sometimes possible in the path of progress, but failure is the final result of giving up. Making mistakes is different from quitting the attempt.

Hence, know the difference between failure and mistakes and stay strong to prevent failures and reduce the mistakes through continuous efforts and experience. Failure is not fatal, and entrepreneurs must achieve success by managing the risk and preventing failures. Analysis of mistakes and the outcome of the mistake is an important thing to prevent failures in the long run.



Innovations are the result of new ideas, but you need not think innovatively to achieve your motive. You should get a clear idea about your plans and the tasks you have to perform on a daily basis. You might find many things while performing mundane tasks but thinking innovative makes you a different person.

Don’t long for innovative things, but if you creatively perform things regularly, you can achieve the innovation you needed and gain the success as an entrepreneur. Pages and companies like Evolvers formed with the collaboration of experts and entrepreneurs help you to achieve your motive peculiarly.

Start from smaller goals

Starting from smaller goals is a good idea to achieve your bigger motive. You can gain bigger benefits by fixing smaller goals at first and striving to achieve them. Whenever you achieve more miniature landmarks, you can enhance your confidence levels and achieve bigger goals in the stepwise procedure.

A person might aim for starting a company like Microsoft, and he can strive hard to gain smaller goals in his way and achieve his goal easier with confidence and experience in handling smaller projects.  You can find the opportunity in the long run to achieve your motive, but the fact is you know your ability more than any other person, and you are your asset.

The myth you have to strike off here is that you should aim only at the final goal to become a successful entrepreneur. The organizations like evolvers and other networking platforms provide the ideas to achieve smaller goals easier and gain the final motive easier and finally succeed in your motive.

For example, there are many companies which started in a single room with one or two desks and grown into multinational companies. Hence, start from smaller goals and rule out the myths that your talent and ideas will shrink if you confine to smaller projects or smaller goals. Every smaller goal you achieve enhances your confidence levels and gain more motivation to head towards your final goal.

Success Can Be Determined by Age

There is a myth that young and dynamic people can achieve their entrepreneurship goals and most of the people divert to other goals as they grow older. Many corporate like Walmart and KFC are the example of striking off the misconception about age factor to determine your success as an entrepreneur.

However, you need not leave your goals because of age. You can work from the moment with sophisticated planning and gain success in your motive and achieve your goal as a successful businessman.

You need not be young and ambitious to achieve the goal to start a business and succeed in your motive, but if you have an unbending determination, you can gain the success at any age if you start working on the aim and plan perfectly to achieve your goal. However, younger people have more opportunities to gain success, but older people don’t have lesser chances.

Role of Business Degrees

Most of the people believe that one should possess a business degree to achieve success as an entrepreneur. But some legendary entrepreneurs were illiterates or school dropouts but worked hard to achieve their goal.

Business degrees are helpful to provide training and skill to start the business, but they are not mandatory for a successful entrepreneur. You might not find time to study and achieve a business or management degree, but you can gain more knowledge by practical experience that the colleges and universities might not provide you. You must get rid of the misconception that business degrees are mandatory to achieve success in your business.

The Corporate Environment Might Kill Your Dreams

Working in the corporate world might kill the dreams of entrepreneurship according to some people. But the fact is corporate offices provide the experience and confidence to handle tougher situations as an entrepreneur. You might not get instant results by work experience, but working provides the confidence and determination to start your business and succeed as an entrepreneur.

If you have strong determination, the pressures of the corporate world and work environment will not deter your goal but help you to achieve your goals more easily because you can gain the experience and confidence to handle bigger problems and overcome them when your business grows bigger. The misconceptions about work and the corporate world are to be ruled out to gain success as an entrepreneur.

You need weird ideas to succeed

You need weird ideas to succeed

Most of the new bees feel that the business ideas must be weird to achieve success. But these ideas won’t surpass the original taste of customers and market analysis. Believe in statistics and choose the field that has less number of competitors. This will help you to succeed in your startup and strengthen your position as an entrepreneur.  Weird ideas might help in some cases, but innovation is different from quirkiness.


Many myths pull the aspirants back when they want to come up with new ideas in business. However, one might not be a youngster and possess a business degree or try crazy ideas, but determination and balance between work and life are important things to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Work experience helps you a lot to gain success as an entrepreneur and handle difficult situations in your business. Working in the corporate world is an additional asset to succeed as an entrepreneur.