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Leadership Strategies for Women

India has not seen very many women entrepreneurs. Society is quick to judge a woman in a completely biased manner, not based on her working capacity but everything else related to her.

Have you been thinking to break away from the stigmas of the society for being a woman and start up your own business? Do you passionately think about creating some value to the society? Has it been your dream to make a sufficient amount of money for your needs and greeds without being dependent on anybody else financially?

But to do all this, do you feel like you need some immediate mentoring and also some expert pieces of advice from people who have been in your field of interest because you are not getting the self-confidence to start? Evolvers can help you solve all of these problems. It is not easy for a woman to be an entrepreneur, a leader or a successful business person without having that additional pressure to do well, come what may.

It is but natural to get balked down easily in a misogynist work environment. Unless, they could consult someone, ask the advice of an expert before taking every important, necessary step. Now you may be wondering how to get hold of these bunch of expert people. Evolvers is one such initiative which works by a seeker and giver concept. It brings together people who are looking for counsel and the counsellor on a digital platform so that ideas can be shared either openly or in private. The company has a healthy list of meritorious, professional specialists in almost all domains of the industry with many years of experience. These people address the needs, especially the long-standing ones, of the start-ups and connect them to the appropriate experts. Thus, mutual interest is promoted, and the issues are resolved in a more uncomplicated manner.

What exactly do EVOLVERS do?


The main idea of evolvers is to facilitate and provide interaction, which would be beneficial for start-ups, potential business partners like the investors, technological support and the experts. This facilitation is done by bringing them together on an embedded digital platform so that the necessary guidance and support can be provided. They ensure healthy communication between the parties and create an intermingling network between communities of similar aspects. What this does is that it leads to the sharing and exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Once you become a part of evolvers, they also take up the responsibility of promoting your business and making you more visible in a particular field. This can be done through many social media platforms. Last but not the least, Evolvers also provide a legitimate platform for you to share your resources with others and also gives you the option to procure resources from the correct people.

Why should you join Evolvers?

By now, the goal that Evolvers is trying to achieve must have become pretty clear. If you are unsure about how to go ahead with your ideas, follow the below given tips to overcome this obstacle.

Improved networking

Networking for business

Networking forms a significant part if you are trying to open or expand your venture. If you ask any successful entrepreneur or businessmen, they will tell you that the credit for wherever they have reached today goes to a lot of contacts and networking.Networking for business is essential. It might not be possible to do everything on your own, and you are going to need some help with problems that seem impossible to you but maybe an easy solution for someone who is in this trade for a long time. This also helps to forge a professional relationship and creates an environment for learning. Through Evolvers, if you are planning to open a new business, you can check out people who can provide you the services you need and also vice versa, you can look for clients for whom you can do the job. This makes networking the number one priority for Evolvers.

Finding the correct partner

business ideas for beginners

Having a partner who has the same vision and passion as you with respect to your business can become a little tricky. It is important enough to make or break the initiative. Like-mindedness is very important, and this will lead you to be more focused on your job, and there will be an extra set of hands and brain to expand and spread your business. Partners do not necessarily mean only financial ones, other types of service providers like Advocates, and Technology Expert etc. are also equally important. Through Evolvers you can easily look for people and take your decision on whom to coordinate with.

Be an advisor or find one

A lot is being written about needing help and advice while opening a new business. Well, who provides the help? It is you, yourself. Therefore, joining Evolvers doesn’t mean that you are only looking for solutions, you can be a solution giver yourself. It will act as a platform and make you visible to people looking for someone with similar requirements. Start-ups need a lot of mentoring and counsel, and you may be an expert in the field that they are trying to venture. Your valuable input will be of utmost importance and use. So, if you are interested in offering your specialized services, Evolvers is a way of putting yourself out.

Mentor somebody

Some people say that learning becomes more enhanced and productive when mentored in the right way. If you look at a lot of successful people around the world, the one thing they had in common was that they had a mentor who had their back and would show them the flaws and holes in the plan. Thus, mentoring becomes a very important job, and it is not easy as well. A mentor need not be qualified at a specified field, and they must be flexible enough to deal with new and unique challenges and be ready to ride the tide at both the good and bad times. If you feel you have the capability and qualification to be a good mentor and have the necessary leadership qualities, enlist yourself in Evolver now.

Spread knowledge


One of the best feelings in the world is when you impart your specializations and expertise to someone in need, and they stand to benefit from it, the financial aspect of it comes much later. To have a thorough understanding of your work environment, the social structure, how to handle people etc., you need to observe and keep learning continuously. Once you are in the company of people who have achieved a lot in their respective fields, their presence and aura will rub off on you and give you the much-needed confidence. It will also be a mean for you to share your thoughts and views about various matters.

Raise funds

One big headache about starting a new start-up or a business is the funding. You may be a little under capitalized or might be looking at investors to fund your business initially so that you can give them dividends later. How you present your ideas become very critical here. Evolvers helps you with pitching in your idea in the best possible manner so that it peaks the interest of multiple investors and will also accelerate the process. Similarly, if you are looking to invest in a business and be a part of its growth, Evolvers will give you a list of potential prospects, and you can look into it in details. Thus, Evolvers maintain that two-way parity here as well.

Screening your venture

When it is your idea or start-up, there is a lot of emotional baggage attached to it which sometimes may lead to overdoing. Efforts might not be going to the right places. The concept might not be very well-structured. This is where the idea of screening the venture comes in. It narrows down the ideas in such a way that most of the resources are directed towards something that requires the utmost expertise and financial backing. Moreover, investors will only show interests in ventures that have been screened by a reputable agency to avoid a lot of junk that may be present. Thus, screening is a way of better presentation as well. Any venture that is present in Evolvers is automatically screened by experts to make them more approachable.

Global approach


Though included as the last point here, the importance of global approach for business cannot be overlooked. The era that we live in, distance is just a number. The digitalized approach is one convenient method of communication. Evolvers launch your venture on a very global scale. Therefore, you may be sitting and working on your start-up in an office in Mumbai, but you can rely on expert opinion from qualified persons from the United States. The idea of financing also works on a similar ground. Investors from all over the world can look into your start-up ideas, and if they feel that it holds a lot of promise, they will show interests in sponsoring. As is the general trend, investments from western countries are more wide fold than in the East. Thus, it is very crucial from the business point of view as well and plays a significant part in the way your venture evolves.

Strategies women Entrepreneurs can adopt

Now that a medium of supporting your start-up has been established let’s talk about the social aspect of it. One problem that almost every woman faces in a workforce is the sense of prejudice and bias based on their gender. Women have to go that extra mile to assert their authority on their peers. Having a sound leadership quality is going to be useful here. In fact, there are a few strategies that women can adapt to be able to be more successful and not come up as being overly aggressive or pushy.

Set a deadline

When a deadline needs to be set, you can refer to it as what you think should be an appropriate time by which the work should be done instead of simply telling them to do it. This will make your co-worker feel that you are expressing your opinion regarding the matter and value their opinions as well. If you are the CEO of a company, this will automatically make you a favorite.

Take it in your stride

While business ideas are being shared overconfidence can become repressive here. Don’t give the notion to your male partner, if any, that you are all authoritative and particular about your ideas being implemented. In fact, dumbing down the expression would help like saying like something that you were thinking loud or that just came to your head.

While sending emails

If you want to make some request using an email, fill it with a few emojis and exclamations. This will avoid looking like being too direct and will make you more approachable, which everyone will appreciate.

If you smell sexism

This is unfortunately very common in an office space, but the key is to avoid any unnecessary confrontation. The awkward laugh is your best weapon here, use it appropriately. Practice it, if needed, within the confines of your home to perfect it.

When something you already know is being repeated

Men like to explain everything. If it has already been said before, there is no point in telling him that. Instead, listen to him again. It gives them a sense of usefulness and gives you the time to think about something else.

When you notice a mistake

You don’t have to point it out blatantly. Subtly hinting at it while making sure that your point is also made is an art and needs mastering. If you make a mistake, apologize and make things better quickly.

If nothing of this works out after trying and testing, you can leave all of them behind and be a little more assertive to get your work done.

Being a woman, as it is, is not easy at all and the problems become more hyper-sized in a corporate environment. This should not in any way hinder with executing your plans and strategies and with the help of Evolvers, the work is going to be simpler.





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