Latest Top 10 Indian Startups, Latest Top 10 Indian Startups

Latest Top 10 Indian Startups

Startups require vision, a team of consistent members who are persistent and slowly become proficient because of their never giving up nature with eagerness and hunger to learn and achieve more. These individuals or teams of individuals are normal looking people like us, but there for sight and perception make them stand out many. They are the CEO and founder of many successful business and food startups in India. They are successful because of their unwavering hunger and demand towards capturing their dreams. They do not believe in giving up and settling for nothing less than their goals.

Another very important quality they own is their efficiency and discipline which is a necessity towards chasing dreams. Their belief was strong and the efforts towards fulfilling the dream were even stronger, this was because they believed in their dreams and at the same time were willing to sacrifice anything to procure it, which is commendable. They believed in their dreams, had confidence in themselves, they further convinced themselves that it is totally worth going behind it and did not fear forfeiture.

They did not allow their vulnerability to hang and disrupt their aspirations. This clearly indicates that their dreams were more powerful, the effort was great, stronger in comparison to the fear of failing. They are greater and did not believe in procrastination, they had the quality to become entrepreneurs, which is most widely used in today’s scenario. They were diligent and understand the importance of the value of the term, conditions, and responsibilities which come associated with it.

Top 10 and most promising fintech companies or startups in India.

1. Ask Arvi: –

Insurance platform for the elderly citizens. It is a healthcare management platform designed for millennials to actively monitor, track, and improve health outcomes of elderly or dependent parents. Healthcare in India is attached with multiple stakeholders – from doctors to hospitals to diagnostics centers to insurance to the team of emergency support, every limb of the healthcare body needs to be independently and sufficiently managed.

This process gets complex and convoluted, more troublesome for someone who stays at a noticeable distance from his/her parents. This app helps children to be aware and be in touch with activities related to health severities of their parents. This also enables them to track their progress in relation to the same subject.

Their vision is very simple and clear; to be available for the elderly during times of need and susceptibility. This apps makes taking care of elderly parents easier and affordable at the same time.

The two V, which stand for vision and value. The vision is very clear and genuine, which states to consider the problems and confusion of every parents as if it was their own parent in a similar situation. Their vision openly portrays their value.

Their value holds great importance because of its visibility which put forth one question, what would have been their reaction in case if it was their own parent?

The answer is obvious and more coherent, which is, of course, the best possible care.  The next question which arises is relating to emergency. The answer is relative to the above-mentioned question and holds the same answer.

The next question is in relation to the team. The management consists of efficient team members. It is the team of highly qualified, learned and mission-driven individuals from the halls of latest technology, medical, data science & health care with shared passion of transforming and preservation of senior healthcare in India.The management consists of:

  1. Sushant Reddy
  2. Hiral Doshi
  3. Mandar Zope
  4. AvinashLavangal

              Located in Mumbai.

2. CoWrks: –

Crafted with love and affection on the soil of Indian, we are a noble homegrown coworking solution provider that builds workspaces for businesses of all sizes.

 Our honest purpose is to assemble the largest community of working professionals across the globe, cherish, cultivate and fuel them with inspiration and connect them through the latest technology. Our workspaces enable and empower people to express themselves freely as they bring out some of the best work of their life.

Our aim is optimum utilization of resources and bringing out the best in the employees. Our aim put forth our values which are satisfying the varied requirements of your clients with our standard and customized premium workspace solutions. Irrespective of the size of client’s firm, we attempt to fit it with whatever their requirement is.

The management team:

  1. Sidharth Menda
  2. Abhishek Goenka
  3. Diksha Pande
  4. Devaraj A
  5. Nruthya Madappa
  6. Nikhil Sud
  7. B.B. Thiruvengadam

Located in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad.

3. Doctor Insta:

The name speaks for itself and is concerned with visual consultation with the doctor anytime anywhere without any prior appointment.Consult the most well informed Doctors, Dermatologists, Pediatricians, Psychologists, Sexologists, Dieticians, Orthopedician, Gynecologists, Homeopaths & other Specialists from the comfort of your place your at ease. Doctor Insta offers the most ethical solution to reduce patient/employer healthcare costs and increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

Office located in Gurugram, and they easily accessible on the phone.

4. Flock: Slack Competitor, Founded in India

This is a team messaging, video audio calls. To summarize, it is an outsourcing application for effortless communication of team members. This app helps in cutting some slack, which means reduce and decrease in intensity. Flock has built a strong audience not only India, but throughout the world with over 100k companies using their enterprise chat app. While this lacks in comparison to Slack, it makes them a potent competitor (and a great composite target).

Flock has its office in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

5. Overcart: Return Management

Overcart, although, is early in its expedition but is trying to bring the same inventory optimizations (and valuable growth) to India. It is based on a US-based return management platform but since its founding in 2010 and has a valuation near unicorn territory.

Overcart has office in Gurugram.

6. Loan Frame: Small Business Loans for India

A small online marketplace platform to lenders and SMEs, facilitating both secured and unsecured loans. On this platform lenders and small medium enterprise can interact online, and later meet in person for finalizing the deal. India is a growing economy, and workplace of more 150 million people, which includes both employees and employers.These businesses contribute largely to the manufacturing GDP. With this massive scale and rapid growth, Loan Frame is well positioned to provide the credit these businesses need to business-scale.

Loan frame office is situated in New Delhi.

7. Instavans: Logistics Optimization for Shippers

It is an on-demand portal for facilitating business transportation. and to offer better end-to-end experience for both shippers and truckers.By aggregating a large number of local truck operators, Instavans continues to build a virtual fleet larger than any other local transport provider.

They have their Offices In Bangalore.

8. Vedantu: teaching the affluent

Alike to VIPKid, which is growing at unparalleled rates in China, Vedantu is directed to tap into that same need in neighboring India. It offers a wide range of online classes and test preparation live from India’s best professors.

Vedantu is already closing in on 1MM students and is likely to accelerate more growth in 2019.

Located in Bangalore.

9. Smallcase: optimum small scale investing

It is bringing a simplified simplified investing approach to the growing Indian middle class. In this way, they’re similar to many of the FinTech companies that have grown rapidly in the United States of America.

This gives a huge opportunity to small scale industries and startups to grow and expand their business, helping them to reach the next level. It gives easy access to financial instruments but also the education that needs to accompany such a major change.

Office located in Bangalore.

10. DocTalk: doctors’ availability on the go!

You never know when you might need a doctor? DocTalk is a customer relation manager for the patient management platform for the doctors in India. DocTalk not only empowers doctors to develop better relationships with good diagnosis of their patients, but also provides patients better quality of care with more timely automated follow-ups.

Office located in Hyderabad.

  • Conclusion

These aforementioned applications will definitely assist you in your tasks, whatever the need might be.

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