Changes That Will Make a Big Difference to Make Your Start-Up a Success

Changes That Will Make a Big Difference to Make Your Start-Up a Success

Starting a business could be one of your dreams. It requires a lot of effort, commitment, dedication, resources, and motivation. The very first question that comes to mind is ‘What Business can I start?.’ It is essential to know what is the scope of the market so as to know about the path you need to move on.

How Do Start-ups Work?

Start-ups are usually small companies financed and operated by individuals or a few founders. Many innovative start-ups aim to offer new or different products or services, which are generally not offered in the market by any other company.

How do Start-ups Work

The process of a start-up begins with an idea, market research, feasibility analysis, and funding. After researching the market and determining the target customer, the promoters prepare a business plan. This plan includes the vision, mission, objectives of the company, and much more. Accelerating the process, the promoters work on the funding process and the marketing technique to make the start-up succeed. After all this, they put in efforts for the launch of the product in the market.

Why Do Most Start-Ups Fail?

Many individuals quit a job to turn their dream into reality. Start-up is a good idea, but it requires a good amount of funds, rigorous market research, expert’s advice, appropriate planning, and much more. Even after so much hard work and efforts and huge investment, people experience failure.

Challenges facing Business Start-ups

There are many reasons behind the failures. Some of them are-

  • Resistance To Change

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of sticking to their original idea. It is not necessary that the product you made would get success. There might be some flaws in your product. According to the changing trends as well as the customer’s requirement, you need to accept the situation and make the relevant changes.

  • Focus On The Marketing Rather Than The Product and Services

     Products and services are things that make the business successful. Therefore,    understanding the needs of the customer and providing the services and products accordingly is the right way to make the start-up successful. Some entrepreneurs spend a huge amount on the promotion of the brand rather than focusing on the products and services. The right way to grow your start-up is by providing quality product and services along with the right promotional technique.

  • Lack of Team Approach

There is nothing like ‘One Man Army.’ It requires a team effort to make a successful start-up. Some entrepreneurs feel that they can do every task themselves. However, individuals with complimentary traits would make the right team. You would be able to bring out the best with the expert’s knowledge and efforts.

Resolving Start-Up Challenges By Being Flexible to Changes

Nothing is constant except the change. Therefore, change is the need of the hour. You can bring a difference and make your start-up successful by introducing changes. The most and most important change is the technology. The advancement of technology has brought evolution to every industry in the market. For the survival in this highly competitive market, existing players need to understand the importance of the technology update and absorb the technology in their business accordingly.

Moreover, the new start-up can understand the need of the hour and act wisely. Along with the use of updated technology, new entrepreneurs need to pay attention to many other things.

Here is a list of some effective changes that can contribute to the growth of your start-up.

1. Be Disciplined

Discipline is one of the major keys to success. Discipline does not mean coming early to start the work or working until late at night. It might hamper your social life. It is believed that an extra amount of time is necessary at the beginning to make a start up a successful company. Discipline means working with dedication and attention. Taking the working hours seriously is discipline. Doing things in the right way with the concentration tends to give better results.

Successful Start-ups


Being an owner, you can also set an example among your employees of strong work ethics. This initiative would help you in creating the right working environment.  

2. Draft A Workable Budget

Spending money is an easier task. However, it is harder to save and earn money. You might have a long list of things to settle down, but it is essential to prioritize each thing. Depending upon the requirements, you might continue spending money without keeping an eye on your funds. This is one of the major reasons for the downfall of many start-up companies. The business owners do not have the idea of the required spending.

Cash flow statement of your business can help you in understanding the financial condition of your start-up. You can get a clearer idea of the revenues and incomes. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to find out the net profit and income of your start-up. Drafting a budget is one of the best ways to keep an eye on spending. You can manage your funds and know where you need to spend and from where you can save. A right balance between the fixed as well as variable expenses can help you a lot.

3. Be Flexible

How do Startups Work

Sticking to the original idea is good, but it is important to consider the situation. If someone criticises you, accept it graciously and go through it. It might be beneficial for you. As the business environment is dynamic, you need to accept the changes. Be flexible and accept the feedback from your customers. Listen to your customer, analyse the requirements, and make the necessary alternations. Carefully adapting the changes would surely provide benefits to your business in the longer run.

4. Have Patience

Success does not happen overnight; it takes time and efforts. You need to plan carefully, invest the resources strategically, and put in the efforts smartly to achieve the goals. Every company is different, and their efforts and demands vary according to the market. Moreover, you need to have patience if you wish to gain attention. While competing with the existing businesses, you can understand their strategy and then make the smart move towards growth. Founders and entrepreneurs, who lose patience in the initial one year, do not get to taste the success of their efforts; hence, the right mindset is inevitable.

5. React To The Problems

Starting a company in this competitive era is not less than a challenge. You might face a number of problems like a source of funds, workforce, assets, resources, and much more. However, only those people get successful in starting a company who find solutions to the problems.

Change is universal. The need for problem-solving skills does not get over with the start of the business. It is the beginning of the journey. In the journey of a successful start-up, you would come across different problems. Working passionately to find the solution to the problems is the key to success. You can take your business to the next level by reacting timely and appropriately to the problems and finding feasible solutions to resolve them.

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6. Work On Your Social Skills

Social Circle is one of the best ways to make people aware of your start-up. Talking with people about your company, its vision, objectives, mission, products, and services would help in the growth of the business. Going out, interacting face-to-face with people about your start-up is the right way to create an image in the market. Meeting with the other entrepreneurs, experts, and discussing your ideas would help you in getting valuable advice.

What Business can I start

Moreover, with great social skills, you can motivate your management and employees for better performance. You can also retain your employees during a tough time with the right social skills. Enhancing and using social skills rightly can help you build a strong network such as angel investors, partners, suppliers, and many other influential people. They can help you in start-up growth.  

7. Team Support

Successful Startups

A successful start-up requires a strong team. Along with the funds, resources, and material, you also need team support to make your company a success. Not just that, the team you have must be able to relate to your ideas, visions, and align with your strategies. A team managed with identical value system can go a long way in creating a successful start-up that grows leaps and bounds. Every individual has a set of skills. Team of experts would help you in making strategic plans, effective implementation, and evaluating the performance.

8. Be Visible On Social Media

Social media is a wonderful platform to mark your presence. Social media offers you a giant audience base. You can make the online users aware of your products and services through different social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Updating on your official pages with regular posts would make your customer aware about the upcoming products, new launches, offers, and deals.

Commenting on your posts, prompt replies and blogging would keep your audience engaged and help in building trust too. Once you succeed in building a stronger target audience base, you would be able to make your business grow and reap benefits on a longer run.

9. Invest In Employees Training

With the changing environment, it becomes necessary to update for survival. The technology is changing day by day. You might be thinking of updating your system of working with the new technology. To make the best out of the new technology and updated system, you need to provide appropriate training to your employees.

Investing in the training of employees would provide you double benefits. First, your employees would have the feeling of belongingness and learn with the dedication to increasing their efficiency. Second, the improvement in efficiency would result in increased results. Therefore, you would get the higher returns of your investment. 

10. Plan Price Raise Smartly

In this highly competitive market, working smartly is important. Wealth maximization is the prime motive of every business. It is necessary to make your place in the market. If you wish to grow, you need to take the decisions in an effective manner. For raising the price of the product/service, you need to understand and analyse the condition of the market. Raising the price instantly might affect your customer base.

In order to raise the price, you must review your current prices, market situations, and competitors. Taking the advice of the partners, marketing team, investors, and other experts can help you in taking the right decision. After you build a strong and loyal customer base, a sudden spurt in price is not advisable. Retaining loyal customers is important. Gradual and rightly timed price rise decisions are far more beneficial than a one-time steep increase in the same. This would help you in adding to your business profits consistently.  

11. Focus on Advertisement

Advertisement is one of the major contributors to business growth. Appropriate and timely implementation of the marketing technique can give a kick-start to your start-up. You must have good quality products and services, but they are useless if your customer does not know about it. Allocate a reasonable amount of your monthly budget to the advertisement.

Even a small business can make better profits with the right marketing technique. For a small business, you can opt for conventional advertising techniques in the local community. Be it a print advertising, billboards, television, or radio advertisement, adapting an appropriate technique would make you grow. In this mobile-centric era, you can also opt for digital marketing techniques such as email marketing, pay per click advertising, etc. for your online customers.  

Start-up does not mean a four-walled office. Even making changes in workplace aesthetics can help in preventing the monotony at work. An attractive and impressive workplace would help in increasing the productivity of the employees and create a good impression on the client as well. While facing challenges in business, start-ups who learn to adapt to these get better results. Moving in the right direction would make you experience growth.

Best Startups in India 2019

How to Win Big in the Startup Industry

If you have just launched your startup, you might be struggling with different things. You need to be very patient since overnight success is a myth. Establishing a startup needs a lot of patience, time, budget, research, etc.

If you go through the list of startup companies in India in 2019, you will realise that many of them are now ruling the business world. Take the example of Zomato – the most successful food tech startup ever. Paytm is another very successful startup. Ola Cabs is also one of the best startups in India in 2019.

There are SAAS startups in India like ClickDesk, the live chat app, Hotelogix, a cloud-based computer management system and many others.

So, if you are new in this startup industry and want to achieve success, here are some useful tips for you:

1. Your Startup should be Unique

Your business idea should be unique. This will give you an edge over the competition. Don’t try to solve a problem which has already been solved. As a startup launcher, you may believe that your company has a different approach. But, after a few years, the market will have other entrants also. So you have to be unique in the beginning and also in the future.

2. Be Flexible

Successful entrepreneurs are always open to suggestions and criticism. Take criticism positively and make appropriate changes. You should have faith in your original startup idea. But don’t be too arrogant to change your ways. Sometimes, it is important to listen to customers and other people.

3. Research

The role of research in a startup can never be denied. Research thoroughly about the tools and resources that can help you to win the business game. Good research minimizes risk. Research tests the possible success of a new business. It guarantees adequate distribution. Undertaking research can help any business to avoid future failure.

4. Make Use of the Best Team

No business can be successful without a good team. You will need the help of several people to achieve your ultimate goal. Involve those people in your team who can understand your vision very well and adapt to your company easily. Surround yourself with positive people.

5. Find Out Your Target Audience

Who are your customers? The answer to this question is what you need to find out first. Next, find out what your customers want. Don’t pre-assume your customers’ wants and desires. Any kind of pre-assumptions can impact your business. Create polls on social media.

6. Find Mentors for your Business

As you develop your startup, you need to have some wise people around you to offer advice and guidance. Since every time you won’t be able to find out the solution to every problem alone. Make some experienced people your mentor who can see what you cannot see.  Don’t deter from seeking advice from people. 

7. Paperwork is Important

During the initial days of your startup, you might tend to neglect the importance of paperwork and documentation. But this way, you are putting your personal assets at risk. There should be a signed contract for every agreement to protect your company as well as yourself from future legal rights, which might cost you both time and money.

8. Content is King

list of startup companies in India 2019

Launch a website for your startup company and also be active on social media. The content should reflect your ideas to your potential customers/users. The number of likes, comments, views, subscriptions and followers indicates that the target audience is engaging with your content.

9. Choose the Right Medium

Medium is the vehicle which will carry your message to the target group. Choose the right ventures- catalogues, brochures, pamphlets, websites, retail shops, direct marketing, etc. Have a deep analysis of what all options are available for your startup and way will give you return on investment.

10. Formulate a Business Plan

business ideas

Create a business plan. Decide what you want exactly from your business. Make a rough outline of what you want to do and how are you planning to do it. Your goals should be realistic, clear, specific and measurable. Identify all constraints in the way of your business and work on removing them.

11. Search for Funds

This is not an easy task. You have to convince people to invest in your startup. All your personal savings can get finished. You have to take help from your friends and family members in the starting days of your startup. Or maybe take loans from the bank. You have to carefully chalk out a financial plan for your startup. 

12. Be Patient

Don’t get discouraged if your startup does not make a profit in the beginning. Patience is the secret to a successful startup. Understand that things don’t happen overnight. Just keep working towards your goal and surely one day your startup is going to be a big name in the marketplace.

13. Don’t Fear Competition

Being a startup company in a particular market can be daunting. But don’t be afraid of the competition. Work on what will set you apart from other businesses and startups. Focus on what you can control. Remember that competition is a good thing. So, worrying about competition is pointless!

14. Utilize Social Media

SAAS startups in India

In this era of social media, it is mandatory to connect with your customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also get instant and valuable feedback from people, which in turn, will help to improve your business. Also, when you have a budget-constraint in the beginning, social media can be your saviour. This is because it is very cheaper as compared to other marketing tactics.

15. Expect the Unexpected

Unexpected hurdles will come along your way of successful business anytime. Launching a startup is not a cakewalk. Even if your business is doing great at present, it won’t always be smooth sailing in the future. Because setbacks do take place. Sometimes, you will also make the wrong decision. So, always be ready for unexpected things in a startup. The main goal of a startup company is to be no more a startup company. Any startup company can achieve great heights if it follows the above-listed tips regularly.

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Must Consult Business Experts

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Must Consult Business Experts

Every business needs some advice to excel and that source of advice is none other than a business expert. Business consultants have a gamut of experience which can prove beneficial to your business’ growth. Consultants can provide out of the box solutions to your problems.

Business consultants help firms to improve their execution and work efficiency. These experts know about all types of problems that businesses go through and help in finding out solutions. They also help companies to achieve their short-term and long-term goals. Business owners should consider hiring business consultants when they need a perspective on any important issue or need to instil some positive change in their organizations.

When you face a dilemma in your personal life, you turn out to your friends and family members for a piece of advice. Similarly, in a hour of crisis in your business and professional life, you need counselling from a business expert to put your business on the right track.

Still not convinced? Let us take a closer look at top 10 compelling reasons to consult business experts:-

1. Broad Experience

A business expert is an experienced person. He can give you valuable advice on making big decisions. For example, decisions regarding financial matters require the help of experts. You can take a second opinion from them before making any big decision. They have a bird eye’s perspective that makes them effective. Business experts have a plethora of new business ideas and can help you to achieve both long and short term goals of your business.

2. To Develop a Business Plan

top Indian startups

An elaborated business plan helps your business to move on smoothly and plan things for the future. A business expert specialises in making a business plan. A proper plan will help you to secure finances also. They tell you the importance of reviewing and changing the business plan on a regular basis. He will do all the research work which will help you in writing an effective business plan.

3. To Identify Problems

There are several business experts in Delhi who can be hired to identify the root of problems. Sometimes, the employees of an organisation are unable to identify problematic factors. That’s when the role of a business expert comes in. Every business faces a tough time where it faces a drop in sales or no flow of new customers. The right expert quickly chalks out ways to face all challenges.

4. To Act as Company’s Internal Staff

A company can save a lot of money by hiring business experts whenever needed in place of hiring full-time employees. Also, consultants don’t ask for benefits. You can terminate a consultant when his work is no longer needed. So, even though a consultant’s fee is very high when compared to an employee’s salary, but still a consultant is much affordable than a full-time employee.

5. To Launch a New Business

Business Experts in Delhi India

Whenever a new business or startup like food delivery startups or tech startups are launched, entrepreneurs usually consult business experts to supervise the launch. Here, the consultant takes care of the day-to-day activities of the new venture. He takes care of the minute as well as the major details of the business. He will plan and implement the projects. And make sure you don’t miss out any important details.

6. Objectivity and Fairness

A business consultant will analyse problems from a different perspective than that of an internal employee. He will give an unbiased and objective viewpoint that delivers the best results. He does not have to worry about what other workers in the organisation will think about his decisions. Hence, he is able to give fair suggestions. Being a part of the company, you may close your eyes while identifying the true issues that are a hindrance in the company’s progress.  

7. To Teach New Skills

Many times, companies hire business consultants to teach new skills to workers. They teach the latest developments in their field of expertise. They tell people what they need to be aware of to stay ahead of the competition. He has immense knowledge of the latest business trends and strategies. Company leaders can learn these skills from the consultant which they can utilize in future to take their business to the next level.

8. To Influence Other People

Consultants have expertise in persuading people with facts and figures. Top Indian startups hire experts to convince people about their new policies. They have good communication skills and powerful convincing skills. You must understand that consulting is something more than giving a piece of advice. They are like lobbyists, who are paid to influence people.

9. To Bring Change in an Organization

Many businesses fear change during the implementation of new strategies. A business consultant enables change to happen easily. It is the duty of the consultant to train the employees to implement and supervise the necessary changes. There are numerous ways in which a consultant may help in the implementation of a new system without surpassing the manager’s job. He acts as a catalyst for change.

10. Saves Time

Tech Startups

Last but not least, engaging a business consultant saves a lot of time for your business. The consultant knows about which strategy will be best to execute for your business. On the other hand, without an expert, you will rely on hit and trial methods to run your business. This will not only cost you a lot of money but also waste a lot of your precious time. He will help you to divert your time towards useful activities.

There are business experts in every field- accounting, advertising, education, management, public relations and so on.

In the end, we conclude that a business expert is an important person for your company. He can bring a wide range of experience, skills and credibility to your company, allowing your business to touch great heights.This key member of your team can give you fair and impartial advice and help you to make the best use of your precious time, money and resources.

So, what are you still thinking? Hire a business expert for your firm now!

Why Would You Want to Be a Woman Entrepreneur

Why Would You Want to Be a Woman Entrepreneur?

Studies conducted around the world all show that when women participate in building the economy, they gain financial freedom and improve the overall economy of the country. This is due to women’s ability to cater to a different consumer base or niche than their male counterparts. Reports show that most businesses started by women have innovative concepts or cater to the needs of women. In developing countries, entrepreneurship has been a proven way for women to elevate themselves from poverty and gain financial autonomy.

In India, there are currently very few women entrepreneurs. As per the Sixth Economic Census that was released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation in the year 2018, women only account for 14% of all entrepreneurs. While there are women who have achieved success in their field, it is important to support women entrepreneurs who are struggling to make it big. In order to level the playing field, banks, government organisations and private companies have all started offering incentive programs to support woman entrepreneurs.

Schemes Offered By The Government

Schemes Offered By The Government

Acquiring funding is one of the key steps in setting up a project or business. The Government of India has set up a range of schemes to help women gain economic independence. Additionally, they have also begun offering funding programs for woman entrepreneurs.

  • TREAD Scheme: The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) offer the Trade Related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development scheme for women. The objective of the scheme is to help women achieve economic empowerment with the help of trade-related training, counselling sessions and economic support. Under the scheme, women can avail a government grant of up to 30% of the project cost while the remaining 70% is offered up as a loan. 
  • Mudra Yojana Scheme: Set up under the guidance of the Prime Minister, the Mudra Yojana Scheme For Women is aimed at women trying to set up small units of business. This includes beauty parlours, tailoring unit, etc. It offers benefits such as subsidised interest rates for women and loan options up to INR 50 lakhs. Loans are available under three categories Shishu, Kishor and Tarun that cater to new businesses, well-established enterprises and business expansion projects respectively.
  • STEP Scheme: Set up by the Department of Women and Child Development (WCD), the Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women (STEP) Scheme works with the objective to train and support women who are working towards self-employment or entrepreneurship. It offers training in Agriculture, Horticulture, Food Processing, Handicrafts, Computer & IT enabled services and much more. Under this programme, the Government of India offers grants that can cover up to 90% of a project cost.

Schemes Offered By Banks

Schemes Offered By Banks

As the country and economy develop, more and more women are stepping out to begin their own ventures. However, women still make up a small percentage of entrepreneurs. In a bid to support women and jumpstart their entrepreneurial journey, banks have begun offering schemes that provide subsidies and lower interest rates for women-led organisations.

  • Synd Mahila Shakthi: Offered by the Syndicate Bank, the SyndMahilaShakthi scheme aims to offer financial support that covers the capital requirements for existing or new units. It is targeted at new and existing businesses where women own at least 50% of the financial holding. Under the scheme, businesses can avail a loan amount of up to INR 5 crore with a maximum repayment period of 10 years.
  • Stree Shakti Package: Offered by the SBI, the scheme is aimed at women enrolled under the Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP) organised by the respective state agency. The bank offers loan schemes and concessions to enterprises where women have majority ownership in the business. Under this scheme, the interest rate is lowered by 0.5% for loans exceeding Rs.2 lakh with a concession on security for loans up to Rs.5 lakh.
  • Bharatiya Mahila Bank Business Loan: The Bhartiya Mahila Bank offers loans specifically for manufacturing enterprises. Aimed at women, the scheme offers loans up to Rs.10 crore at a concessional interest rate. Additionally, under the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises scheme, women entrepreneurs can avail loans up to Rs.1 crore without collateral.

Competitions For Women Entrepreneurs

Reports show that there is a significant pay gap between men and women in the corporate sector. However, companies in the technology sector have begun taking initiative to close the pay gap and promote women entrepreneurs.

Competitions For Women Entrepreneurs
  • She Loves Tech: The Chinese initiative has partnered with Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) in 2019 for the first ever competition in India for women entrepreneurs from India and across the world. The annual competition is open for companies that develop technologies that positively impact women. Not only does this help promote companies and give them publicity, but the winner also receives funding for the company. The winner of the competition receives a cash award of USD 15,000.
  • Women Entrepreneur Quest: Founded in the year 2011, Women Entrepreneur Quest is an annual contest that recognises and awards women entrepreneurs that have founded startups in the technology industry. Winners of the contest get cash prizes, networking opportunities and the chance to go on an all-paid educational trip. The competition promotes growth in companies led by women and offers a platform for them to showcase their brand.
  • empoWer: Launched by Zone Startups India, empoWer is an initiative that aims to help women entrepreneurs scale up their businesses. The competition s targeted at women entrepreneurs working in the tech sector. Zone Startups India shortlists a group of startups and offers cash prizes, grants and training programs to help companies build their business. They also conduct networking events to promote women entrepreneurs and enable growth in the community.

In order for a country to truly develop, it is important to encourage women to participate in the economy. Although women account for 48% of the Indian population, they only account for 25% of the economic participation in the country.This highlights a huge gap in economic activity that could lead to national development if addressed properly. Only when women receive mentorship, financial backing and community support will they be able to achieve financial independence.

Angel Investors Network To Breathe In New Life Into Your Business - List Of Networks

Angel Investors Network To Breathe In New Life Into Your Business – List Of Networks

Today, there are about 3000 angel investors and networks that are active in the industry of investment all over the world. India is quite at the early stage of this industry is progressing like anything. There are more than 500 angel investors who make multiple investments all around the year in the country. The eminent personality, Dr, Apoorv Ranjan Sharma who is the co-founder of the group of Venture Catalysts recommends the investment industry in India to get organised at a rapid speed. This can support the various start-up companies that are getting opened every now and then in the country.

The role of funding is so much important whenever you think about starting a new business or venture. The correct type of funding can create magic for the entrepreneur and help in the long survival of the venture. This is where the angel investors come into the picture. They come as angels in the lives of the small companies and protect them via small investments. In return, they only keep small stakes in start-up companies. However, the start-up companies must always choose the correct type of investors keeping in mind the kind of business that they are running.

To support several growing companies in India there is a long list of angel networks that help the new companies to begin their journey towards prosperity and growth.

The List Of Top Angel Investors And Networks In The Country:

Indian Angel Network:

Angel Investors

The company got started in the year 2006 by the famous personality named Alok Mittal. It not just offers funding to the entrepreneurs or beginners in the field of business but also offers them with constant mentoring. This high-quality support and huge network facility offered by the company help businesses to survive under intense competition and challenges. The experts of the company also frame valuable strategies of success for the start-ups and ensure proper execution of the same. The network of the company has more than 450 investors spanning to almost 10 countries all over the globe. Some of the start-ups funded by the company include:

  • FabAlley
  • WOW! Momo
  • PrettySecrets
  • Process9
  • Get My Parking
  • WedMeGood
  • Go Coop
  • SuperProfs
  • Box8

The sectors in the industry that the company prefers funding comprise mainly only telecom, animation and gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, retail, cloud computing, entertainment and media, IT, etc. They prefer investing in the start-up sectors that have proper business models, a management complementary team, and a proposition having differentiated value.

Chennai Angels:

Chennai Angels has the strongest network of about 94 investors who mentor and nurture the new entrepreneurs. They are in this business since the year 2007. Their funding in start-up companies exceeds almost 50 Crores. Some of the popular start-up companies that they got funded include Ketto, Cloudcherry, BetaOut,, Ragtagger Lifestyle, SP Robotic Works, etc. They mainly focus on funding in the companies involved in the fields of e-commerce and education.

Venture Catalysts:

The co-founders involved in the starting of this investment company include eminent people like Anil Jain, Gaurav Jain, Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, and Anuj Golecha. It is the company that got launched as India’s first ever Seed Investment and Innovation platform. The company offers a boost to the start-ups during the early stages of their inceptions so that they have a bright future to go ahead. The sectors funded by Venture Catalysts comprise mainly of artificial intelligence, education, retail, e-commerce, ad tech, etc. Some of the successful start-ups funded by them include:

  • Beardo
  • ConfirmTkt
  • vPhrase
  • LenDen Club
  • Innov8

Interested entrepreneurs who are looking for reliable funding can contact the professionals here at

Mumbai Angels:

Yet another name in the list of angel investors who cater to the growth and expansion of the non-profit seeking organisations in India. If you are a start-up and aiming to apply for funds at this company, then ensure that you have defensible service or technology, strong team, well-defined products to show the market plans. The members associated with Mumbai Angels have huge expertise in the field of investment. They have the experience of dealing with several types of companies since the year 2006 and thus can guide the new entrepreneurs in the correct direction.

Mumbai Angels

The founders Prashant Choksey and Praveen Chakravarty mainly focus funding on industries like:

  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • IT
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech
  • Retail
  • Entertainment and media
  • Telecommunication and internet

The start-ups like Bookeventz, Gingercrush, Inmobi, Purplle, NowFloats, Myntra, Fitpass,, Betaout and many others have got benefitted from Mumbai Angels. The deal sizes of the company range between 50 to 200 lakhs INR. Several individuals having high-value net worth are still associated with the company. You may contact the experts here at to discuss business plans and investments.

Calcutta Angels:

The founders Pradyumna Dalmia, Kumar Patodia, Rahul Kayan, Raghav Kanoria, and Apurva Salarpuria starting this investment network in the year 2013. The main goal of the company is to guide and capitalise the start-ups in the market. They also help the companies to grow financially via effective mentoring, networking, and education. The criteria that they have for the start-ups to fund them comprise of innovation, quality team, financial visibility, competitiveness, and market size. So, if your company is having all the above qualities then do contact the experts here at for the best guidance.

Calcutta Angels

The start-ups funded by the company include Catapoolt, Ketto, Logic Roots, tabsqaure, and several others.

Lead Angels Network:

This one is the country’s first private-owned investment network that got founded by the team of three people named C Amarnath, Sushanto Mitra, and Bipin Kumar. They all belong from the IIT Bombay and started Lead Angels in the year 2013. Their main aim of starting this company was to improve the outcome of investment in the early stages of the companies. The company has qualified and experienced executives who are excellent support for it. They are passionate and dedicated to the field that they work in. Not just new entrepreneurs, the company also works to support several investors in India.

Lead Angels Network

Lead Angels alone have the capacity of funding companies to the extent of 100 to 150 lakhs INR. However, they also work in a company with the other angel networks to fund businesses which require more than 300lakhs investments. You can contact the professionals and executives of the company for further funding details by dropping emails at

Chandigarh Angels Network:

Chandigarh Angels Network comprises of the community of several successful entrepreneurs who are today angel investors of the country. They love supporting promising businesses in India and help them reach new heights using their own expertise and skills. The professionals associated with the company carry out their work with a lot of passion and commitment. They have about 37 investors in their network at present and have already funded more than 8 start-ups. The experts also mentor several start-up companies to scale high in the market.

Chandigarh Angels Network

The company’s investment depends on the type of start-up and accordingly the amount ranges between 10 lakhs to 2 cores INR. Some of the popular companies that they extend their support to include Done Thing, The Gourmet Jar, JumboBasket, YoloHealth, HealersAtHome, Biryani By Kilo, etc. The interested entrepreneurs can explore the website of the company to gather further details about the funding services offered by it.

Hyderabad Angels:

Hyderabad Angels

Hyderabad Angels got founded in the year 2012 to deal with investments at the early and seed stages of the companies. The members of the company are business leaders, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who are extremely knowledgeable in their fields of work. The company mainly has its set-up in the city of Hyderabad but its funding and sourcing services extend to almost every part of the country. The company even extends investments in multiple foreign countries like UAE< UK, Singapore, USA, and many more. The funding of the company till now extends to about 25 companies amounting to almost 40 crores. The star-ups funded by them comprise of:

  • Explara
  • HealthSutra
  • BetaOut
  • Edutor
  • RealBox
  • NowFloats

Let’s Venture:

This platform that got started in the year 2013 is the ideal one that helps in connecting multiple investors and start-ups under one single head. The company has its presence both in Singapore and in India. It has the membership of over 2500 venture capitalists and angel investors who work together to support the new companies in the market. The process of funding here begins in three simple steps:

Let’s Venture
  • Firstly, you need to sign up to the network
  • Fill in the details of your profile
  • Finally, you need to apply to get connected to the investors

In case, the profile that you have, interests the internal team that works at Let’s Venture, then you can get highlighted at a special position at the website. This helps your pitch getting even more visible and you can get connected with many more investors. The investors at this platform work as individuals and not as an entire network. Thus, you can engage in personal discussions with the angels here and build up strong relationships with them.

Ah! Ventures:

This is another dominating online investment network that helps to bridge money and ideas. The platform acts as a catalyst bringing together the investors and promising businesses so that there is wealth creation for both. It has a unique blending of skills, customised services, domain experience and industry which benefit both entrepreneurs and investors. The company has several services to offer to the investors starting from locating investment opportunities for them to facilitating prudent decision making.

Ah! Ventures

For the entrepreneurs, the company offers several gearing services for their explosive growth starting from funding, office spaces to recruitments. When companies approach them for help, the experts here evaluate the present position of the company along with what future holds for them. Thus, the strategies of success framed by the company for businesses are future proof and benchmarks of quality. The multiple services offer at Ah! Ventures comprise of:

  • Venture consultancy
  • Development of human capital
  • Venture operations and management
  • Incubation

The company got started in the year 2012 and since then it successfully creates several milestones in the network of investment. Today, the platform has over 15000 entrepreneurs, and more than 500 investors registered at the network. The company guides every player on the system effectively so that they turn out to be successful in their fields of work. With the multiple numbers of start-up companies that are blooming each day in the market, the company started its own mobile app. Anyone having Android or iOS devices can download the app and subscribe or view the multiple packages available here. Moreover, the official webpage of the company is so much feasible and accessible that almost anyone can avail the services with ease.


By registering on this network, both entrepreneurs and investors can open up new avenues of opportunities for themselves. The platform helps start-ups via funding, co-investments and by connecting them to a huge network of funding partners. The capital solutions available at the platform are huge and promising. They support businesses that come up with incredible venturing ideas. The array of services offered at 1crowd includes:

  • Sourcing and deal origination
  • Mentoring
  • Structured capital raising
  • Guidance on financial models and business plans
  • Screening of proposals
  • Deal closure
  • Monitoring post investment

The team here consists of eminent and knowledgeable personalities experienced in the fields of investment banking, bond and loan issuances, infrastructure and energy, financial services, credit appraisals, portfolio management and much more.


So, in case you are in need of quick funding and have the best business plans, then these angel investors can be your best partners. You do not need paying high interests to them for the funding instead they acquire small stakes in the business that you commence. They offer a lot of flexibility to the entrepreneurs. So, without much a delay, get your effective pitch ready and contact the promising angel networks to get the gear of your venture started.