Stepping Stone- Success Story Part-1

Stepping Stone- Success Story Part-1

Beauty Pageants are the ultimate dream for any girl who has ever dreamt of being a princess because that’s what you feel like when you win a beauty pageant. One such dream was dreamt by Anjana Mascarenhas. However, in the hustle-bustle of her daily life duties as a corporate employee, he never could be part of a beauty pageant. But as they say “The Busy Bee has no time for sorrow”, Anjana started her own Boutique in Pune by the name of DIVA and soon Anjana Mascarenhas was a renowned name amongst the affluent & social elites of Pune who were active in 90’s fashion scene.

Running a business is a task in itself and on top of that handling responsibilities of being a wife & a mother is a task even the best multitaskers tend to fail at. But Anjana was no quitter and managed to not only successfully run the business but to take it to newer heights no other Fashion designer had achieved, at least not in India where working women were still being frowned at and people hesitated from letting their daughters work.

Success Story

Karl Mascarenhas, the better half of Anjana Mascarenhaswas just the pillar of support that she needed. Karl Mascarenhashas handled senior-level positions in Marketing, Business Development & Public Relations with some of India’s top Organizations such as Oberoi Group of Hotels, GTL Limited, Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, INDUS International School and Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI) wanted his wife to participate in the Gladrags Mrs. India. This proposition led her to a new problem, she needed someone to train her for the Pageant. After a lot of soul searching, she realized who could better coach her than herself. Following this, she did a 2-week professional course in the field of pageant coaching.

In the year 2014, DIVA Pageants was set up by Managing Director, Anjana Mascarenhas and Marketing Director, Karl Mascarenhas. The purpose of establishing DIVA was promoting, supporting and giving care to the positive self-image by enhancing the natural beauty within.

The 1st pageant was titled “DIVA Mrs. Pune 2016” and was held at the Residency Club garnering an attendance of over 500!

Realizing Pageantry changes lives, Anjana was motivated towards making DIVA Pageants as a global brand and transforming the lives of women across India.. and the World.


Come 2019, she has flawlessly groomed several pageants and brought many glorious Crowns to our country, She is currently running 3 pageants in the country –

Mrs. Maharashtra-Empress of Maharashtra,

  • Mrs. West India-Empress of West India,
  • Mrs. India-Empress of Nation.

Anjana not only has developed a positive aura around herself but also for her Pageants.
Diva’s pageantry program is designed for today’s Women – celebrating their diversity and individuality. Ladies are encouraged to grow exponentially and expand their ideas about what they want to achieve. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, to grow, to challenge yourself, engage with your community, and fight for an important cause.

Through DIVA, she wants every contestant to realize that she truly can take hold of her dreams and turn them into reality. DIVA is renowned for hosting some of the biggest pageants in Maharashtra, spreading all over India.

DIVA pageants give women the fathomable experience,

driving them to *Dare *Dream and *Dazzle, which is commendable in itself.

All in all, if you have the will and determination to achieve something you can do it and there is nothing that can stop you!

Do you want to learn how to turn every adversity into a stepping stone to live the life of your dreams?

checklist for a successful startups

20 Points Checklist for a Healthy Startup

Do you want to establish your own business? Is the lack of capital and experience giving you sleepless nights? Trust me when I say it is the right time to take the first step.

You can never acquire enough money or experience to ensure venture success. I believe it is a development process. You can learn the tricks of the trade once you become a part of the business sector.

Investment and experience play a vital role to pave the path for the growth of your business. My experience highlights that you should take out time to make the necessary preparations in advance. Then you can reach a state when experience and money offer additional support. I try to help young entrepreneurs as much as I can. I suggest that they create a list of points to remember, which makes the process smooth. 

Conversing with my associates allows me to widen my knowledge horizon. Such an informative discussion with Ms. Sandeep Sagar offered vital information about startup establishment and operations. I hope these points help budding business owners to reach their goals.

Why India Needs More Startups?

The Indian market depends on the ups and downs of the international trade sector. My knowledge and experience state that it is the appropriate time to establish your startup. India offers all the resources that you require to set up and run the venture.

Healthy Startup

Even the Prime Minister of our country mentions that any business can pave the path for revenue generation. There is no shortage of educated candidates in India. However, the job market cannot cope with the high demands. Startups can provide jobs to suitable candidates. They can counter the unemployment issues with ease.

Famous startups in India attract the attention of foreign investors. They realise that the Indian market can offer them high returns. Small and medium Indian companies can widen their base with foreign investment. It also boosts the national GDP growth. I suggest that you make the necessary business policy alterations to gain foreign funding.

20 Considerations for a Successful Business

The idea that you can call big shots in your company can fill your heart with excitement. It is best to overcome the initial thrill. The road ahead is rather difficult. I suggest you put a lid on the enthusiasm and save it for the future. Here is the checklist for successful startups as per my professional experience.

1. Determine Whether the Plan Is Practical

My associates and I consider that the chance of business success depends on a bankable idea. If you possess a vision, then you can work to turn it into a lucrative venture. But you must ensure that the idea can generate interest among the target clients. If you do not get a positive response from the customers, the venture cannot survive for long.

2. Create a Business Strategy

best startups to work for in India

Experts often suggest that the business structure is the backbone of the agency. I nurture the same view. You may lack the skills to chalk out a sound business plan. You can consult with the business analysts. They can collect the data and create a strategy that ensures success in the market. Many famous startups in Indiaconsult with business advisors on a regular basis. 

3. Analyze Market Reports

Market research is vital, as per my experience. I suggest that every business enthusiast must opt for market research. Several independent agencies can assist you with it. The agency can organize surveys and collect data from the market. The report analysis sheds light on what the target customers want. The market assessment is important for entrepreneurs

4. Arrange Business Capital

important for entrepreneurs

Once you have a sound and watertight plan, you can take the next step. Adequate finance can help you at this stage. Business enthusiasts have access to some funds. If you do not have economic resources, you can opt for bank loans. If the banks reject your application, then my company can help you. We can raise funds and give you details of interested investors. 

5. Gather Support from Like-Minded People

I think that you must not embark on this mission alone. It may seem easy, but the truth is far from this. It is best to pitch the business plan in front of your family members and friends. They may realize the potential of the venture. If you do not get financial assistance, you will get moral support from your well-wishers.

6. Select an Appropriate Brand Name

I think you can attract the attention of the clients with the company name. Opt for an attractive and unique brand name. It must possess the power to make the clients curious. You need to ensure that the name gives a hint to the target clients. As their interest grows, they can look for your services online. It is the best way to create a base before the launch of the company.

7. Complete the Necessary Registrations

Once you have the business plan, capital, and name, you can complete the official registrations. You must register the agency and get GST documents. You require a trade license and business PAN card. Apart from this, you need to open a bank account in the name of the company. I urge budding business owners to complete the official procedures. It reduces the chances of legal entanglements. 

8. Initiate Revenue Generation

how to become a profitable startup

Most startup owners do not have adequate money in business funds. I think that you can use every possible source to generate revenue. The money you gather will go into the business development funds. The initial months may be difficult, but you must maintain hope. A virtual search with the keywords “best startups to work for in India” offers in-depth information. 

9. Get Office Space

Most youngsters follow the online business trend. It is a good way to start a venture and save money. Once you create a client base, you need office space. I think you must not wait until then. Get a suitable office on rent in the commercial area. If you possess good bargaining skills, you can request to lower the commercial space rent. 

10. Offline Promotion

tips for successful startups

Once you tick off this from the checklist, you must focus on offline promotion. Pamphlets distribution and OFH promotions can help in information dissemination. I know that offline marketing strategies are expensive. But these advertisement modes offer target clients the necessary information. When they learn about the service you offer, they can opt for it. I suggest that you allocate a certain budget for traditional marketing. 

11. Create Robust Online Presence

Digital marketing is the latest promotional mode for small and established business owners. You can exercise control of the advertisement budget. I recommend it for those who want to maximize reach and get leads at reasonable rates. You must hire digital marketing experts to create and run your online campaigns. Apart from this, you can acquire leads from the portal and social media business profiles.

12. Good/Service Manufacture

If you want to create and maintain a wide client base, then offer the best good and service. You must contact the good or service manufactures and crack a deal. Client satisfaction also comes under the tips for successful startups. Your venture cannot stay afloat for long if you fail to make the customers happy with the goods/services. 

13. Service Delivery

If you operate an online business, you need to make the necessary arrangements to deliver the goods/services. You must form an official pack with a reputed courier company. When a client books a particular good or service, the courier company can deliver the item. You must instruct the courier company to ensure proper delivery. I recommend that you offer free delivery facilities for the clients. 

14. Hire Experienced Employees

social media business profiles

Whether you run a traditional or portal-based venture, you cannot tackle the various aspects alone. I recommend that you hire experienced professionals to assist with business operations. You can put a specific department under the expert’s charge. Many youngsters want to work in the startups as these offer the opportunity for growth. I suggest that such candidates look for the best startups to work for in India on the internet. 

15. Control Good/Service Quality

After you start your business, you must keep a close watch on the service quality. My experience highlights that most startups go wrong in this sector. Once the company becomes popular, the service quality drops. It leads to the downfall of the venture. If you want to keep it at bay, then maintain top-notch quality. 

16. Pay Attention to Product Pricing

I witnessed how good companies failed to capture the market as they went haywire with product pricing. Too high as well as too low cost can discourage potential clients. You need proper market research to figure out the rivals’ prices. If you sell the same goods/services at reasonable rates, then you can get an overwhelming response. The price of the product depends on several aspects. 

17. Monitor Business Bank Account

I know that it is rather challenging to monitor the inflow and outflow of revenue. If you do not desire to hire an accountant, then I have some tips for you. You need a separate bank account for the business. You must record income and expenditure every day. You can use specialized software that makes the task easy. You must not use money from the business development fund for personal reasons.

18. Increase Client base

I do not have a set answer to the question ‘how to become a profitable startup.’ Success is a relative term. It means different things to different individuals. If you can make your customers happy, then that is a real success. Happy clients can promote your business, and this increases your client base.

19. Tackle Criticism in a Positive Way

Not all clients may offer positive feedback. If you get negative reviews, then assess your goods and services. You can contact the clients and apologist for the inconvenience. You must ask the client about the issue. You need to work for longer hours to ensure the client’s satisfaction. It not only boosts your reputation but also helps you to perfect the services. 

20. Consult with the Experts

All these can be rather complicated for young business enthusiasts. You can consult with the business experts for doubt clarification. My associates and I will be glad to point you in the correct direction.

famous startups in India

Do you require market analysis reports before a product launch? Are you looking for investors? Do you require a business mentor? If yes, then you need to contact the experts, associated with Evolvers. Apart from these facilities, business specialists can impart knowledge and help with global reach.

Sandeep Sagar

How to Choose the Right Partner for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Partner for Your Business

So, you have finally established your dream venture. Congratulations! You have a game plan that offers the exposure you require. Your primary aim as a business owner is to generate profit. Right? Passionate entrepreneurs like me, find it challenging to share business control. However, correct assistance from a partner can enhance the business.

Over the years, I worked with good as well as bad business partners. I was young and lacked the expertise to select skilled business partners. With time, I mastered the art of how to choose the best business partner. I can share some great tips, which may assist you to get a good partner. A competent business associate can add value to the venture and reduce the financial burdens.

Is the Individual Dependable?

Most young entrepreneurs ask me how to select right business partner. I believe no company can succeed without trust among the associates. The two partners must cooperate and be on the same page. You must check whether you can depend on the individual with crucial tasks. A dependable associate can understand your ambition and passion.

He/she can provide new and innovative ideas. You can ask the associate to take care of a certain business-related task. His/her prompt and dedicated actions can shed light on the trust aspect. If you are happy with the effort that the associate puts in, then make an official agreement. The best business expertsopine that lack of trust between partners pave the path for 85% of ventures’ downfall.

Is the Individual Responsible?

If you want to expand your venture, then work with a responsible associate. I think that two responsible individuals can form best business partnerships. They complement and challenge each other. It drives them to work harder. It, in turn, generates more revenue for your business. A responsible business associate can share the work load.

Financial Contribution

how to select right business partner

I think that business partners must contribute money for business development. It is best to join hands with an associate who has access to cash. Financial soundness is essential criteria for choosing business partners. Partners need to pool in their monetary resources when it becomes necessary. You cannot run a business without economic backup. It is here that you require a partner.

Develop a Friendship

Like me, the best business experts believe that friendship can foster a stronger bond between the business associates. Develop a relation that transcends profit sharing. You need to invest time to create a personal link with your partner.

best business partnerships

A personal bond solidifies your business association. The partners of top startups in India are good friends in the personal circuits. A business partner tries to safeguard his/her investment. But a friend can point you in the right direction.

Urge to Sign a Contract

Apart from these characteristics of good business partners, I can shed light on another essential aspect. Once you finalise your business partner, you must prepare a legal agreement. It highlights the partnership details. The document also tests whether you are compatible with one another.

A proficient associate takes an interest in the contract draft. He/she can make some alterations. Eagerness to sign a business contract is a positive sign. I hope you can get an idea about how to find the right business partner once you read my blog. Do you desire to expand your business? Do you want to partner up with like-minded individuals? It is the right time to contact the specialists, associated with Evolvers. You can acquire business contacts and form business partnerships. The agency experts can take the necessary steps to raise funds for your venture.

Sandeep Sagar

How to Become a Successful Start-up?

How to Become a Successful Start-up?

Not all can cope with the pressures of the 9 to 5 corporate scenarios. I got the opportunity to become a part of this corporate wheel at a young age. Soon, I realized that it was not my cup of tea. I was unable to make optimum use of my skills. If you feel the same, then you are a born entrepreneur. The business magazines can give ideas about which are the most successful start-ups.

I come across many people every day. Some assume that digital marketing techniques make it easy for youngsters to start their online companies. The truth is far from this. Digital marketing strategies offer new avenues for promotion. I believe that one must gather knowledge and experience before they start any business. You must realize which industry is best for start-ups.

My experience highlights that if you fail to select a profitable sector, then you cannot function for long. I give stress on the development of a bankable idea and sound business planning. You must think about investing in start-ups once you perfect these aspects. These precautions eliminate the chances of financial losses.

Tips for a Profitable Business

If you desire to make a mark in the business sector, then pay attention to the latest trends. I gather information about the top 10 start-up companies in India. Their policies and operation techniques keep me updated about the new developments. Here are some points which can help you to start your venture.

Arrange Capital for the Business

which is the best start-up in India

Many young business enthusiasts ask ‘how can I invest with little money.’ It is not the amount that matters but the way you utilize it. You must talk to experienced business owners and financial advisors. They can provide an investment estimate. Once you arrange the money, you must have to spend it with caution. I suggest you maintain a contingency fund for economic support in the hour of need.

Focus on Market Research

investing in start-ups

Market research is significant for the health and expansion of your business. My personal experience says you can understand what clients demand. If you fulfill the needs of the clients, your business can take off. It also sheds light on the capital you may require to carry out the operations. 

Proper Promotion is Necessary

top 10 start-up companies in India

Another important task that I believe can make or break your business is an adequate advertisement. You need to promote the goods and services, so that target clients get information. Highlight the positive aspects of your product to attract customers. The top 10 start-up companies in India hire professionals for promotional tasks.

Offer Best Quality Product

As a customer, I deserve the best quality products. Business owners must be honest in their approach. They cannot operate in the market if they sell sub-standard items. Offer quality services if you want to create a string of loyal clients. Low product or service quality can mar your market reputation as well.

Pay attention to Clients’ Feedbacks

Most start-ups fail to go a long way as they turn a blind eye to client feedback. Search the internet with ‘which is the best start-up in India.’ Check the profiles of these companies. They focus on the experience of their clients. The customer can suggest points, which can help the business owner. I recommend that you pay attention to your client’s opinions.

which are the most successful start-ups.

Do you want to establish your own business? You require skills and knowledge. You can gather these from the blogs, which we, at Evolvers upload. You can also get in touch with our executives for an in-depth discussion. We ensure that you get potential leads, which help your business to flourish. 

Author:- Sandeep Sagar

Why Is Networking Important for New Entrepreneurs

Why Is Networking Important for New Entrepreneurs?

Seasoned business-owners opine that it is rather challenging to start and run a business. You need more than a unique and bankable idea that can generate profit. You require sound business plans and capital to initiate the venture. Most young entrepreneurs overlook the importance of networking. If you lack a practical business network, you can never prosper in this competitive field. You need a comprehensive knowledge of business networking.

What Do You Mean By Business Network

If a have a creative mind and do not shy away from risks, then you can become a successful entrepreneur. Such people feel trapped in a 9 to 5 job sector. If you run your venture, then you have control over each aspect. But being successful as a start-up is not easy. You must understand the ups and downs of the commercial sector. Novice business owners must consult with established experts to gather information.

These business advisors highlight that if you have a profitable idea and business plan, you must develop a network. To create a business network, you require the assistance of other parties. They may be the investors, other business owners or your patrons. You must gain the confidence of the other parties. Then encourage them to become a part of a profitable arrangement.

The official agreement paves the path for business growth. The agreement also provides ample opportunities for financial gain for the participants. Business networking enables you to get in touch with interested candidates. You can share your venture idea with them. The entire process allows you to convert probable clients into loyal customers. So, top start-ups in India hire professionals to expand their commercial network.

Is Networking In Business Easy?

Many individuals think that it is easy to run a business if you have the basic idea and capital. It is far from the truth. Business plans and investment capital become useless if you cannot utilize these with competence. Most successful start-ups in India opt for the guidelines of a business advisor. These experts have access to investors. They can also initiate fundraiser campaigns.

They can charge a certain sum for these services. These business advisors can help you with how to build your network. A novice cannot accomplish it without the necessary expertise. You must spend sufficient time in this arena to learn the skills. Once you acquire the aptitude, you can run your business networking campaign without additional assistance. 

Perks of Networking in Business

Once you understand the meaning and purpose of business networking, you need to know its advantages. A sound commercial network for your venture can pave the path for its success. You must plan the activities with caution. Here are some benefits of networking in business.

Acquire New Contacts

The primary purpose of networking is to get in touch with other people in the trade and commerce field. These people may help to develop your venture. Established and start-up company owners must pay attention to networking. It provides them with potential contacts. Proper networking paves the path for the global reach of your business. It ensures better sales and higher revenue generation.

Access to Referrals

Reach is significant for the success of your venture. Networking opens several avenues to acquire leads. Apart from direct contacts, you can also get referral leads. It increases the chances of lead conversion. The referral contacts provide proper opportunities for business expansion. 

Arrange Funds for Business

You cannot predict when you may need funds for your business. Experts suggest that business owners must form strong ties with investors. This advice for entrepreneurs can save the company during the financial crisis. Business networking is the best way to gather investor’s details. You must get as many investors as possible on your side.

what is networking in entrepreneurship

If you need money, the stockholders can pool in resources. They can also organise a fundraiser. You can utilise the cash to expand your business. When you generate profit, you can pay the shareholder a certain percentage. 

Makes the Brand Visible

Young business owners worry about the proper representation of the brand. If you desire to increase brand exposure, then business networking comes in handy. Positive image creation and more extensive brand exposure are essential advantages of networking. People want to associate with good brands. Sound business networking efforts shed light on the ethical aspects of your venture.

Get Good Partners

Once you cement your position in the business arena, it is time for diversification. You can merge with other organisations or invest in other companies. Such investments offer higher returns. You can also start a new venture with another partner. Business networking gives information about feasible options. 

Create a Brand Identity

You must keep a close watch on your rivals. Alert business owners are aware of the rivals’ activities. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then invest time in networking. Proper contacts can inform you about your opponent’s plans and policies. Understand what is networking in entrepreneurship for proper competition management and branding.

Stay Up-To-Date

Information is the greatest resource in the business sector. You must know the present condition of the trade and commerce fields. Be aware of the business policies that the government launches. Well-established company owners rub shoulders with high placed business officials. It is a business networking tactic. Adequate networking strategies can create favourable opportunities for your venture’s development. 

Share Knowledge

top start-ups in India

Young business owners gather knowledge from books. You require practical in-sight to tackle various issues. No manual can teach you these tips and tricks expect the seasoned players. Business networking comes in handy in such cases. People in your network share their problems and how they overcome them. It becomes a common ground to gain and disseminate information. Young entrepreneurs can utilise this knowledge to prevent financial losses. 

Solve Business-Relates Issues

A novice start-up owner may lack information about all things that entrepreneurs need to know. Young business owners do not possess the potential to prevent mishaps. If you have access to the right people, they can give practical solutions. So, work on your business networking skills. You never know when you may require someone’s assistance. 

Gain Experience

Owners of the most successful start-ups in Indiastress the importance of a strong business network. They opine that beginners can gather adequate experience if they connect with others. Investors and clients can provide potential business development inputs. The young venture owner must assess the potential of these inputs. If you implement these in a flawless manner, then it can help in business expansion.

Boosts Confidence

Most successful start-ups in India

If you talk to seasoned business owners, you can realise that they possess immense confidence. They plan their activities in advance. It gives them time to access the risks, and they can take necessary measures. If you are a young entrepreneur, you must associate with such people. These associations can increase your confidence. Follow their footsteps, and you can become successful in your venture with proper networking.  

Tips To Build Robust Business Connections

You cannot create an impressive business network within a few months. It takes significant time as people want to join with successful ventures. You must prove the worth of your company before you gain contacts. Some companies offer special services for start-up companies. These agencies gather clients’, investors’, and advisors’ details. They create your portfolio and send it to suitable people.

Personal Contact Goes a Long Way

how to build your network

Young business owners depend on virtual platforms to gain the necessary leads. Experts point out that one-to-one personal association is ideal for business networking. Probable investors and partners can assess your potential from the body language and attitude. You also get the opportunity to identify a contact that matches your profile. When you get in touch with people in person, you can gain their trust without much hassle.

Pick Business Groups with Caution

Your association with the contacts says a lot about you and your brand. If you associate with the wrong business group, it can mar the potential of your business. You must join business groups, which benefit your company. You must start with local groups and then proceed with caution.

Use the Social Media Channels

Digital marketing strategies provide more reach and lead. It also allows you to connect with like-minded people. You can carry on business networking via social media channels. These platforms offer a more extensive reach within less time.

Travel for Networking

how to build your network

If you have a small company, then you need to travel for business and networking. Traveling to new places allows you to assess the market potential in those areas. You can also meet with local investors and distributors. They can popularise your product and create its demand. It will enhance your sales and profit. So, keep a travel bag packed at all times. Do you want to start a business? Do you require proper business guidance or investors? Do you want to form a new company with a partner? For these and any business-related requirements, you can contact the experts of Evolvers. The specialists of this agency can empower you with pertinent information. The advisors can guide you to evolve as per the requirements of the current market. 

Author :- Sandeep Sagar